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We are proof a more beautiful world is possible.
We are an alternative economy with trust as our core currency.
We are a working model of regenerative capital.
We are Coralus.
We are Coralus.
We are proof a more beautiful world is possible.
We are an alternative economy with trust as our core currency.
We are a working model of regenerative capital.

Crowdsourced support + open-source wisdom

Our model values all forms of resources equally and fuses them into action.


The alchemy is in the interplay.

An experiment in Radical Generosity

Seven years ago, we understood that even the most innovative model wouldn’t impact the status quo if it didn’t get to the root issues.

So we faced them head-on.

The practice of widespread abundance

By design, the model pools community resources and relies on crowd-sourced decision-making.

$11M+ flowing in a regenerative cycle, creating expansive spillover benefits we couldn’t have imagined.

120+ ventures making real progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

An experience beyond belief

Creating new models requires that we de-habituate our thinking, decolonize our assumptions, and disarm the myth of scarcity.
"Nurtures my wellbeing."
"Kept me sane during COVID."
"Turned out to be so much more than I expected."

Sharing our model

Our origin story is one of individual transformations and 1:1 support. We’ve gathered that into a continuously maturing economic model, guided by our Radically Generous community.

As SheEO, we resourced 120+ individual women and nonbinary ventures. We saw that this created  spillover benefits beyond our direct impact.

Now, as Coralus, we are going deeper to understand the underlying values and practices so we can invite in other communities to iterate this model for themselves.

“Coralus is beyond speculation, beyond theory, beyond policy statements and incubators. It’s the only place I know of to witness the new economy in action. And it's beautiful.”
Anastasia Mourogova Millin
Global Director and Co-Lead, Capital and Investments at Dark Matter Labs

Engage on your own terms

Coralus is designed to embolden the emergence of individual strengths into collective wisdom.

We act in concert – like a choir – stepping into our gifts as we can and pausing for breath when we need it.

This ebb and flow of each person’s energy allows for the sustained, propulsive impact of the group.


Supporting the group and its members.


Circulating actionable, transformative insights


Unlocking our gifts for our individual and collective benefit


Distributing funds to the highest and best use

Radical Generosity

Radical Generosity is a practice, not a mantra.

In contrast to conventional systems built on extraction and accumulation, we organize around the intent to share resources toward their highest and best use. We enact Radical Generosity for our individual and collective healing and transformation. We are Radically Generous when we operate outside the transactional mindset most of us inherited from power structures like patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism. When we create offerings to the common good without expectation of individual return, we share in  unexpected and valuable dividends. We’ve seen this magic over and over. Coralus is engineered to hold space for gestures, projects, and experiments with Radical Generosity at the center.

As a global organization, Coralus resides on the traditional territories of many nations.

We acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who are traditional stewards of the land where our headquarters resides:
The Wendat, the Anishinaabe Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and the Métis Nation.
We believe that Indigenous wisdom is the pathway home to a life-sustaining society and work alongside our Indigenous sisters, elders past present + future, globally, to transform systems on behalf of a better world.

Photo provided by Adam Ziorio Photography featuring Ecko Aleck of Sacred Matriarch Creative.

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund.

Nous reconnaissons l’appui du Fonds d’emprunt pour l’entrepreneuriat féminin du gouvernement du Canada.

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