Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

Meet this year’s Canadian and US SheEO Venture Semi-Finalists

Today SheEO announced this year’s Canadian and US Venture Semi-Finalists selected by Activators, women who each contributed $1100 as an act of Radical Generosity.

“Working on the World’s To-Do List”

All of the 51 Ventures selected as Semi-Finalists are women-led and majority women-owned, and are creating a better world through their products, services and/or business models. Each Venture is addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, what SheEO refers to as “working on the World’s To-Do List.”

“Given the choice of where to put our money, our time, our influence and power, SheEO Activators pick women addressing the critical issues of our time with new models, new mindsets and new solutions,” says Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO. “We have no time to waste. We are here with our sleeves rolled up ready to help.”

Semi-Finalists Span All Sectors

This year SheEO Activators selected Semi-Finalists from all sectors and industries, including health care and support, education, fashion, technology, food, beauty and retail.

A number of this year’s Semi-Finalists are addressing climate change, waste and pollution in a variety of ways from reusable products that replace single-use plastics to solar energy; a reflection of how both women entrepreneurs and consumers are reacting to the current climate crisis.

Others support Indigenous youth, promote STEM education and offer innovative technology solutions to solve issues like over-fishing.

“Venture voting was fun and empowering!” says Activator Tania Cheng, who co-activated with her wife Dana Decent. “It gave us the opportunity to learn about and be inspired by incredible women who are solving problems in creative ways.”

Early next year Activators will vote on which of the Semi-Finalists will become SheEO Ventures and receive funding in the form of a zero percent interest loan, coaching and the support of a global network of 5,000 Activators.

Meet the Ventures at the SheEO Global Summit

The selected Canadian and US Venture Finalists will be revealed at the first-ever SheEO Global Summit, taking place in Toronto, Canada on March 9-10, 2020.

The Global Summit, a gathering for women working on the World’s To-Do List, will bring together SheEO’s global community – Activators, Ventures, Semi-Finalists, and others.

“Collectively, we have everything we need,” says Saunders. “This year’s Summit focuses on what we can do to reorganize our resources, systems and structures to create a better world, with SheEO Activators and Ventures leading the way.”

In addition to the Venture cohort announcement, the Global Summit will also feature a curated line-up of global speakers in four tracks, the unveiling of the Venture Marketplace at the Afterparty and a full-day of programming dedicated exclusively to Activators and Ventures.

Tickets to the Global Summit are on sale now. SheEO Activators can take advantage of Early-Bird tickets to save $100 off Full Passes until Dec. 13, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.


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