Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

This Year’s 2019 SheEO Venture Semi-Finalists!


Again Again is a coffee cup share network for takeaway without the throwaway. Cups are accessible for $3 deposit, which is fully refunded when returned.

Using the latest fabric technology AWWA period proof underwear provides a sustainable alternative to all other menstrual products and revolutionises period management worldwide

Dignity is an impact organisation on a mission to champion period equity, its buy one give one and give two initiatives help those in need.

Goodbye SANDFLY and Goodbye OUCH are certified natural products that protect skin outdoors because we believe that life is better outdoors.

Jobloads is a digital solution that removes the friction workers and businesses experience when they work on temporary jobs together.

I am committed to building the first Māori Fashion industry and for this to become a reality through community, ethical practice and cultural integrity.

Nisa is an organic cotton underwear label that employs women from refugee backgrounds in our Wellington studio.

We help people fund the things they care about through project, equity and lending based crowdfunding in Aotearoa and Australia.

We use smart tech to help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with targeted lifestyle changes to improve their health.

Tot’s Pantry provides delicious, nutritionist-approved frozen meals for babies through to school kids, that are guiltlessly convenient and pack in veges without skimping on taste.

Thank you to everyone who applied!


Waste to workwear – a closed loop waste management system turning recycled materials into durable work wear for a variety of trade industries.

Bindi Maps assists anyone independently navigate unfamiliar indoor spaces, regardless of whether they can see visual signage and maps or they cannot.

We are a for-purpose and disruptive digital-health Midwifery platform empowering women to have their best birth experience, regardless of their race, location and financial situation.

CO Gear provides functional fashion that enhances industrial women’s lives through confidence, compassion, connection, collaboration and community.

We’re an education startup with a social mission to close the gender gap in technology through result-driven education pathways for women and girls.

Food St connects passionate home-cooks with time poor people. We empower cooks to earn an income from home whilst making healthy, homemade food accessible.

Beautiful, Ethical, Traceable Cotton – your textile and clothing supply as it should be, with every best practice stage known.

Game Enough? is a wholesale and catering food and beverage, Indigenous majority owned, business producing nutritious Australian meats and bush-flavoured products.

Girl Shaped Flames empowers girls to reach their full potential by connecting them with strong, positive, female role models through interactive confidence and skill-building experiences.

Combing cultural intelligence (CQ) x Digital Intelligence (DQ) for sustainable communities.

Our active and listening programs utilise silent disco technology to deliver therapeutic mental and physical health benefits for seniors, particularly for those living with dementia.

Molten Store is jewellery company based on the idea of closed-loop recycling.

NORTH exists as a platform to celebrate and broaden the exposure of textile design by artists working remotely at Aboriginal owned and governed Art Centres.

Pointer is a job matching platform that connects businesses with talent that work remotely from anywhere in Australia.

Puffling is a platform connecting senior female talent to organisations with a focus on improving gender diversity. We facilitate this via flexible work solutions.

Seer makes it easy for people to easily find, share and use data to make better decisions, create funding opportunities and improve lives in communities.

The Very Good Bra is the world’s first zero waste, fully compostable bra in 26 proper sizes.

Verve is Australia’s first ethical superannuation fund tailored for women, led by women.

WorkRestart Social Enterprises creates safer communities. We achieve this by establishing meaningful employment opportunities for currently and previously incarcerated people -positively restarting their lives.

Young Change Agents help youth (aged 10-18) see problems as opportunities through social entrepreneurship. F2F programs scaled via teacher capacity building, enabled by technology.

An online Farmers Market that connects consumers directly to local producers.

Thank you to everyone who applied!


Sustainably made footwear to take you outside, rain or shine, to explore, discover and reconnect.

Awake Labs is a digital health company that improves the mental health and quality of life of vulnerable populations.

We create and sell plastic food storage alternatives for environmentally conscious consumers and retailers which have a positive impact through reduced plastic consumption.

CANN Forecast Software Inc. (CANN) is a young Montreal-based startup whose mission is to help prevent water-related crisis by leveraging Data Science.

Socially Conscious Beauty supporting Indigenous Youth of all generations.

Dalcini Stainless is an award-winning company committed to creating solutions for food storage that are safe, simple, and sustainable.

A company dedicated to improving the Euthanasia Experience for veterinary teams, pets and their families through incorporation of a dignified pet body bag and education.

Clinically-based mental wellness solutions that improve lives.

Gotcare provides home care to Canadians who have been on a waitlist for far too long, relieves family burden, and empowers support workers nationwide.

Haircuts on Wheels delivers touch and connection through haircare to help seniors age in place, age at home and age well.

Helga Wear helps trades industries embrace inclusion by innovating and developing body-appropriate safety wear.

Little Robot Friends teach kids age 7 and up about coding, electronics, and how technology works, so they can become the next super inventor.

Mini-Cycle is a zero waste kids fashion e-commerce.

NU is Ontario’s first zero waste grocery store offering bulk and package-free products for all your everyday needs.

We believe in a better world for those affected by dementia through coaching, education and consultation to encourage inclusive environments.

Each cup of our coffee impacts families of smallholder coffee farmers and takes important steps towards their independence and freedom.

Saponetti, Toronto’s first soap refill depot and delivery service, makes it easy for households and businesses to refill premium cleaning and personal care products.

Sitti is a social enterprise that provides fair-wage employment opportunities to refugee women in Jordan to produce handmade Olive Oil Soap and other timeless products.

Streamline Genomics provides a platform to help clinicians and researchers benefit from genomic sequencing without the need for data analysis expertise.

The Chufa Co. is partnering with farmers to offer the only North American grown, sustainable and nutrient-dense tigernut crop.

The Bfree Cup was developed to deliver innovative menstrual products and solutions, in a novel and sustainable, whole market-based approach for girls and women globally.

The Tare Shop is Nova Scotia’s first package-free bulk store, coffee shop, and community hub. We aim to educate, inspire, and support the community.

We help reduce the poverty gap among women by connecting women from third world countries to partner and work with women from first world countries.

Thank you to everyone who applied!


Alice Alexander is a vertically-integrated, size-inclusive, ethical and sustainable women’s apparel company.

A technology driven solution to empower, educate and support family caregivers.

Experts recommmend taking coats off in carseats. I invented and sell coats designed to be used safely in the car seat without taking them off.

To lead people and organizations across the digital divide, ensuring that all who want to can use digital marketing to grow as individuals and businesses.

EcoEnergy distributes solar powered energy to people without energy access.

EcoTech Visions is a Smart Manufacturing lab for Smart Cities focused on growing FarmTech, GreenTech, EnergyTech, SpaceTech, & Bluetech innovation.

EVmatch™ ‘s software service enables homeowners, businesses, property managers, and lodging destinations to rent out private electric vehicle charging stations, earning money and accelerating clean transportation.

We are changing the way new moms are supported at work by enabling companies to provide a safe/comfortable space for mothers to pump breastmilk.

We’ve created a game-based learning platform where students engage in hands-on learning by solving real problems, like learning genetics through increasing crop yield.

ImpactMapper is an online platform for philanthropies, impact investors and corporates to track and visualize their social impact and share the stories that matter most.

Indigo™’s sophisticated data platform reveals human capital, enacting meaningful change in schools. Our assessment helps educators know students deeply while finding them best fit careers.

Our platform enables companies to scale and manage customer success teams from military-connected professionals.

We use raw honey from my hives and Manuka to make healthy personal care products for hair, skin, and teeth, because of its great properties.

Kai XR is a first-to-market, educational WebVR platform providing inclusive VR field trips & accessible VR maker-spaces for kids.

Kula Cloth is the first of its kind – an antimicrobial pee cloth for all of the places you ‘go’!

We serve families with children with Autism to improve their independent living skills.

PandiaHealth.com makes women’s lives better by providing easy access to reliable, convenient, and confidential health care via telemedicine and medication delivery, starting with birth control.

Po Campo bags help you carry what you need on and off your bike, making micro-mobility a better and more seamless part of your life.

Public Thread is a woman-owned, social enterprise specializing in the design and small batch production of goods made from locally sourced, upcycled textiles.

Resume Scripter provides high-quality career services, workforce development training and online resources to position job-seekers for higher-paying and more fulfilling opportunities.

Sisu is the future of medical devices in the rapidly expanding market of emerging economies, starting with Hemafuse: a highly effective alternative to donor blood.

Sudara is a certified benefit corporation with a mission to empower women who have escaped from, or who are at high risk of, human trafficking.

Welcome Home Health disrupts the hospital discharge process that leaves patients confused and anxious. Our compassionate Patient Health Advocates navigate patients/caregivers with daily video visits.

ZEGO designs delicious, simple food to meet consumer’s increasingly complex dietary needs with purity-verification for pesticides and toxins to promote people and planet health.

Thank you to everyone who applied!

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