Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

2020 Australian Virtual Summit

On 17-18 November, 2020 we host the second SheEO Australian Summit, a virtual gathering for women working on The World’s To-Do List.

Join us to learn from the women who are redefining business to create the change that we need in the world, now more than ever.


Session 1 – mindset.world

17 November, 10:00-11:30am AEDT

Learn how to shift your thinking, build resilience + adapt for our changing world

  • Welcome to the Summit | Julie Trell


  • How we introduce ourselves | Moira Were + Bernice Hookey


  • Deep listening (networking)


  • A deadly weaving | Moira Were + Felicity Chapman


  • Imagination as a Catalyst for Change (fireside chat) | Vicki Saunders hosted by Dixie Crawford


  • The Practice of Radical Generosity (workshop) | M.J. Ryan

Session 2 – venture.world

17 November: 2:00-3:30pm AEDT

Get to action on The World’s To-Do List with SheEO Ventures from Australia

  • Building a new world with Ventures working on the World’s To-Do List (panel discussion)
    Helen Black, Christina Hobbs, Mikaela Jade, Brooke Jones, + Ally Watson hosted by Julie Trell



Session 3 – finance.world

18 November, 1:00-2:30pm AEDT

Learn about the many new ways women are using their money to create change in the world

  • Funding the World’s To-Do List (panel discussion)
    Cissy Ma, Sarah Pearson, Lisa Siganto + Jenny Wilks hosted by Monica Bradley


  • Breakouts (Choose Two):
    • Measuring Impact & Impact Investment | Lisa Siganto + Jemima Welsh
    • Investment Readiness | Cissy Ma + Jenny Wilks
    • Equity Crowdfunding | Anna Guenther
    • How I Got Funded – Venture Story | Christina Hobbs
    • Grant Funding Tips | Julia Spicer and Sarah Pearson

Session 4 – systems.world

18 November, 5:00-6:30pm AEDT

Discover new approaches to doing business, addressing systems inequities + transforming economies

  • Intentional Systems Change: Diversity, Equality & the Future (panel discussion)
    Ella Berglas, Tahlia Harris + Ioana Oprescu hosted by Holly Ransom


  • Interactive Breakouts (Choose from three interactive breakouts):
    • Amplifying our future builders – How can SheEO connect with + support more of the next generation of future builders
      Katura Halleday, Madeleine Grummet + Margaret O’Brien hosted by Kim Anderson
    • Roots to community – Our sense of community is tightly linked to our connections to fellow humans, the land and our food. How can we create a larger positive impact on climate change and population health
      Lauren Branson + Louise Tarrier hosted by Lucinda Hartley
    • Equality for humankind – Dignity is the foundation right for all humans, but are all humans born free and equal in dignity and rights?
      Nikkola Palmer, Christine Mudavanhu + Anna Wright hosted by Holly Ransom


  • Summit closing | Julie Trell

Watch this recap video from last year's Summit for a taste of what to expect!

SheEO Summit AU 2019
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