Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

2021 In Review

As a small community, approximately 1500 active Activators, we have co-created significant impact, started to shift some critical systemic barriers and increased the depth of our relationships this year. The storytelling that we are all doing on social media makes us seem like we have a 1000-person strong comms department! From our Ventures’ socially and environmentally sustainable job creation, to our community-led Summits down under, to our trade events and our collective impact working together on the World’s To Do List – all during an unprecedented pandemic – phew, it’s been quite the journey.

We’ve shared a list of highlights below and would love to read/hear your year-end summary. Tag us on social and use the hashtag #SheEO to share.


Selected Ventures

44 Ventures funded

AU (5), NZ (5), CA (24), US (5), UK (5)

100% of 2021 US Ventures are owned and led by Black women

Over 43% of 2021 Ventures globally are BIPOC-led

Venture Success

 ⭐ Launched an interactive Venture impact report tied to the UN SDGs.

8 virtual Venture retreats and 1100 coaching/mentoring/advising sessions, delivered by Venture Development Guides with Ventures

Redesigned Venture Retreat and onboarding for Ventures, as a 3-month cycle to first root them in the community, understanding the resources available to them.


distributed to 2021 Ventures

7 loans

delivered to existing Ventures from the Perpetual Fund – 2 have already paid back!

The BetterPackaging Co. launched Pollastic!

Farm From a Box selected as Climate Change Moonshot!

✨ View the NEW! Venture portfolio and store launched on our website.


Events and Learning

NEW! Inclusion Storytelling events

AU Summit + Venture Announcement self-organized by 44 Activators.

185 Community Calls delivered

50 mindset blogs and 24 mindset learning sessions delivered in 5 countries, ranging from Dealing with Negative Self Talk to Finding Purpose

Launched series of Entrepreneurial Learning Circles for Ventures and Activators

NEW! Community Tools


👣 Community Tealprint – A dynamic resource hub for all things SheEO!

🐝 Working Groups – 10+ in operation, led by Activators

👋 Welcome Circle: ~100 Activators volunteered to welcome new and prospective Activators with 1:1s

💬 Community Slack – Main communications platform for the community

👐 Ask/Give: 650 Asks and Gives on the Ask/Give platform and in Slack

✨ Take part in these community events and activities when you become an Activator.

Pathway to Sustainability

BMO matched our 0% interest loans to Ventures - with no collateral

We approached BMO in January about matching loans and announced the partnership in early March – from idea to agreement and $1.2M in under 60 days!

This partnership enabled the shift of our revenue model. We are here to be self-sufficient as a community and fund ourselves. Canada was the first country “flip” our revenue model upon reaching Perpetual Fund status.

Activator Cohorts Launched

Companies gifted in groups of Activators to experience the power of our ecosystem.

Company# of ActivatorsLearn more
PNC Bank50PNC joined in a 3-year deal worth $1.257M USD to support the growth of our model.
Shopify100Shopify committed to gifting in 300 Activators who are social entrepreneurs (100 per year).
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise30 
Export Development Canada20 

💡 Activations shifted to a subscription model. As of late 2021, 69.7%+ of the community is on subscription.

🔑 Mastercard returned for year 2 with a $250K USD grant

📖 First business case by a top University – Center for Gender & the Economy

✨ Interested in setting up a cohort for your organization’s team members? Reach out to Janaki and learn more about the SheEO Activator Cohort program.



👣 Documented internal processes and launched the Team Tealprint

🧡 Worked collectively on an inclusion statement as a team

💭 Formalized rest structure of quarterly resets, summer Fridays, and holiday closure


💌 Developed more timely and sophisticated system for tracking of Venture repayments

📈 Salesforce architecture and cleanup to enable better tracking, dashboards

⚡ Moved to new payment system – Chargebee


  • Welcomed new team members (9 full-time, 2 part time): Danielle, Nat, Julia, Ivana, Meg, Steph, Loren, Finn, Arden, + summer interns (2)
  • Experimented with local community builders on contract – Julie and Moira in Australia
  • Ethnographers shadowed team for 3 months and delivered a report on our approach – funded by Board Member Dori Tunstall
  • Created and ran 3 team retreats to build cultural connection, relationships, effectiveness, skills
  • Launched weekly reflection sessions with whole team share learning/transformation weekly with one another
  • Delivered 30+ “SheEO School” sessions to build skills of core team

Thank you from the 2021 SheEO Team 💜

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