Venture applications are OPEN in Australia and New Zealand! Apply by 13 June to get access to knowledge and resources from a global community.

Announcing New Zealand’s 2021 SheEO Venture Semi-Finalists

Meet the Semi-Finalists

Every SheEO Semi-Finalist is gifted into the SheEO community by our Activators for the year, so they can experience the power of radical generosity, create relationships + ask for the support they need.

We produce a range of unique Indigenous NZ native leaf beverages with known functional benefits.

We are on a mission to eliminate a trillion wet wipes globally through our wet wipe alternative that turns toilet tissue into a cleansing, flushable wipe.

We provide gentle and advanced breast cancer screening. Our mission is to screen, educate, and inspire women about their breast health.

Expertly designed software to reduce the effort for farmers to collect and share data, creating low-cost, high-quality reports and better environmental outcomes.

Hummingly gets people humming again after a disaster. We create life changing card decks that deal those impacted by disaster and crisis a better hand.

INGENEOUS uses your DNA to give you truly personalized food, exercise, lifestyle, environment, microbial, supplement, and medication advice. Be your best self.

Kete Kai—more than a meal-kit company. Our real drive is ending hunger in Aotearoa by 2030 through digital development and community partnerships.

Talking Tree Hill is an outdoor educational facility creating programmes for the wellbeing, creativity and innovation of children, teachers and planet health.

An online, membership-based supermarket on a mission to create a better and fairer grocery alternative for New Zealand.

You’ll never suffer soggy soap again. The Block Dock makes it easy and rewarding to switch from single-use plastic bottles to solid bars for everything. No Mush.

Through technology and services to schools and families, and providing great food for learning, we help empower school communities to thrive.

Thank you to everyone who applied!

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