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4 Learning Tracks: Co-Creating the Activator Experience

SheEO is transforming as an organization. As we’ve witnessed the power of the community we are co-creating and scratched the surface of what’s possible together,  it’s becoming clearer that we need to go deeper to decondition ourselves and imagine new futures, together.

In 2022,  based on requests for more structured learning as well as the popularity of the 4 Summit tracks—Mindset, Finance, Systems, Venture–we’re introducing a six-session learning circle for each track that will each take place once a month, starting in February. We encourage you to sign up for the one (or more) series you want to participate in and come to all six —the facilitators of each have designed them as a progression.

This is all included in the Activator experience.

Mindset Track:
Transforming Your Thinking for the Coming New World with MJ Ryan

How can you thrive while delivering your gifts to their maximum potential in the wild ride of the world we are in? Join MJ to learn the foundational tools and practices that lead to greater effectiveness and inner harmony. You’ll be paired with a learning partner to practice and deepen your learning over this six part series. 

  1. Adapting to Change: In Session 1, we will look at how to cultivate a resilience mindset, one that can flip obstacles to opportunities.

  2. Understanding Your Gifts: You can’t be effective if you can’t name, claim and aim your gifts and talents. In this session, we will explore the thinking talents you have to offer the world and how to use them effectively.

  3. Understanding Your Gifts part 2: Here we focus on another category of your unique gifts, namely the hardware program your brain uses to process information and interact with the world. Did you know there are 6 unique patterns? We will explore each and how to optimize yours.

  4. Strengthening Intention: Now that we have a better idea of our gifts, this session will delve into how we can bring into being what we want using the power of intention and magnetic energy.

  5. Stepping into Power: We’ll learn a model of power and work with the inner demons that get in the way of our claiming our full power: self doubt, imposter syndrome, lack of self confidence. We’ll practice talking back to these ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) so we can show up as our full powerful selves.

  6. Thinking with Others: No matter who we are, we can’t do this alone. We’ll practice the fundamentals of collaborative thinking, where we each take our brilliance and share it with others to find solutions we could not have come up with on our own.

Venture Track:
Realizing your Vision for a Better World, Galvanizing Your Impact 

How can you increase the tangible impact of your time and energy to bring forth a more inspired and fulfilling future for us all? In our 6-part Venture series open to all Venture and Activator entrepreneurs, we’ll explore the many ways you can achieve this important goal. You’ll learn a set of tools and practices to increase your agency while building the capacity to deliver on your vision. We’ll pair you with a learning partner so that you can be supported in acquiring fresh insights, practicing new behaviors and celebrating the journey. 

  1. From Founder to CEO: Is this the highest and best use of your time? In session one, we’ll explore how you can evolve your mindset and leadership approach to continuously enhance your overall impact on a daily basis.

  2. Creating a High Performing Team: The capacity to transform a collection of talented individuals into a truly high performing team is a critical capability to deliver on your purpose. We’ll explore a team performance model which provides a proven roadmap for building a company culture that reflects your values and ensures everyone thrives.

  3. Building Momentum On your own terms: Do you have to scale up to have impact? There are many paths to success. We’ll explore options you have to align your growth trajectory with the company you want to create and the life you want to lead.

  4. Leveraging the Magic of Partnerships and Alliances: You don’t have to do it all by yourself! We’ll share a playbook for developing strategic partnerships to create expanded options and unexpected achievement.

  5. Capturing Your Impact: What gets measured gets acknowledged. We’ll explore what you might want to measure and how to create impact scorecards to help you articulate the societal value your venture provides your community, industry, nation and beyond.

  6. Amplifying Your Story: Does your company’s journey sound to stakeholders like an exhilarating carpet ride or a slog? We’ll close our series by exploring communication strategies which spark interest, engage followership and keep you and your company top of mind.

Systems Track: 
Designing structures and processes for the New World

Designing for the New World requires us first to understand that our organization structures, funding mindsets, financing vehicles, regulatory systems, ideas of work, and rules of society all keep us stuck in an increasingly unequal, power imbalanced cycle. This six-part series will start with system traps we face and how SheEO is designing to break the cycle and create a path to freedom.  We’ll then experience the ways our Ventures are addressing critical systems barriers, where they get trapped, how we can use our influence to support them and what lessons this can teach us for our role as Activators in the world.

  1. Power: Addressing power dynamics and creating a pathway to break the cycle takes understanding of the traps of the system and load of intention and noticing. In this session we explore the SheEO organization structure, core funding strategy, and “power with” philosophy.

  2. Redefining Work and Community: In this session we explore new leadership models that upend the way we think about hierarchy, control and team dynamics.

  3. Distribution 3.0: Supply Chain disruption is forcing us all to rethink how we manufacture, distribute and scale out rather than scale up.  Meet some Ventures who are leading the way.

  4. Designing for a Zero Waste World: Meet our Ventures who are pioneering new models and learn how you can take these lessons out into the world to influence others.

  5. Getting Practical on Inclusion: In this session we map ways we can invite in and support those who are systemically excluded — from using our buying power to activating our leadership in our organizations.

  6. The Wildcard: Here we will go deeper into one or more of the previous sessions based on community feedback. 

Finance Track:
Understanding Financial Systems for Breakthrough Impact

Capital, crypto, investment instruments, money mindsets: Our financial systems thrive on exclusive language and arcane inner workings that can keep us disempowered. In this six-part series, we will get help from SheEO Activators in not just understanding how investments work and how to empower ourselves for greater impact, but how to participate in creating more equitable systems for us all.

  1. Developing a Financial Imagination (Joy Anderson and special guest): Finance operates within a set of rules that inform structures, processes and analyses that define “how investing works.” We know, though, how it is working, only works for a few. To create new ways this works requires imagination. What is a financial imagination and how do we cultivate it in ourselves and in others?

  2. Your Personal Money Mindset (Gail Wong): “Let’s unpack together the unspoken narratives governing how we behave with money, and discover possibilities for freedom, abundance, love and power.”

  3. Transforming Your Money into Economic Power. Join Delilah Panio and Tracy Gray who will take us on a whirlwind tour through philanthropy, debt, equity and cryptocurrency to show how we can leverage our money to create generational wealth and power.

  4. Analyzing Power Dynamics in the Structures and Processes of Investments (Joy Anderson): In many ways, finance and investments are better thought of as systems of power rather than sources of capital. How do we see power operating in the structures and processes of investments? What can we do to shift power dynamics?

  5. Using Finance to Create Social Change (Joy Anderson): We will name five strategies for using finance to create social change and work through now you can apply these strategies in your particular context to use finance and investments to create the world we seek.

  6. Reimagining Risk to Create Economic Inclusion (Jaime Gloshay, Native Women Lead): From the 5 C’s to the 5 R’s
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