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4x Business Growth and the Need for Childcare

“If we can get the guts to ask for help, somebody out there is going to be so stoked to help you. Whether there is a result is beside the point. The practice of engaging and asking and giving is just so powerful.” Sheena Russell, Founder and CEO from Made with Local

Try to pronounce all the ingredients on your box of snacks. If you can’t pronounce, should you eat it? But not all pre-packaged snacks are created equal.

So in creating a business through the connection of their local community, Made with Local wanted to be the voice of intuitive mindful nourishment in your grocery stores’ snack aisle. Founder and CEO, Sheena Russell has created real food from real ingredients to nourish her local community through local suppliers.

In this episode, Sheena shares with Vicki Saunders about why it takes creativity and innovation to capitalize on the opportunity during this weird time and how brand building and sharing of stories fuel the fire to grow a business.

In this episode:

  • The work of mental health and the acceptance of this impossible scenario through mindfulness and self-compassion.
  • How the supportive community of SheEO is effortless and abundant to ask and give.
  • Staying one or two steps ahead when scaling and staying true to your values.
  • Why childcare is the biggest challenge for business and undervalued.
  • How asking for help is a muscle that needs exercise.

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Podcast Overview

There’s Sheena with a ton of boxes behind her. Even though she has been able to maintain her office space through COVID (more of a distribution centre now), her social enterprise production facilities that she partners with to make her delicious bars, was shut down immediately in March. 

They were left in shock because not only does her team and herself have kids at home, there was no time to prepare or find alternatives to production.  Everything came to a screeching halt, yet she had grocery store POs to fill.  Made with Local is in over 800 grocery stores across Canada, but they didn’t have a place to make the bars. 

The team immediately went into innovation mode, all while trying to homeschool kids. The SheEO community and Ventures stepped up and provided support to one another too. 

“I have never felt more connected to the SheEO community as I have through COVID.  I’m a Venture and also an Activator, there was a specific sisterhood that developed amongst the Ventures that has never felt stronger for me.”  – explained Sheena.

Listen in on how Made with Local has 4x their revenue and how childcare is one of the biggest barriers right now. 

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