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Mindset Mondays: A Great-Fullness: A Deep Bow of Thanks to You

by M.J. Ryan

Today marks day one of the Global Summit, a celebration of 5 years in Canada for SheEO and the launch of the SheEO perpetual fund, meaning that no matter what, from now on, 5 ventures can be funded in perpetuity in Canada thanks to the generosity of SheEO activators. And next year, the same will be true in the U.S., followed soon by New Zealand and then Australia. Of course we want to grow beyond this—we’re still aiming for 1 million women and a billion dollar fund. But I want to pause and thank all the women whose time, energy and money have gotten us to where we are so far:

To Activators, I know the Ventures are grateful, I talk to them every day. Your money, expertise and emotional support are deeply appreciated. On a personal note, I am deeply grateful. Because of you, I get to contribute my gifts to women who are helping change the world. 

To SuperActivators, the hard work you put in to spread the word, hold events, meet with one another, really matters. It’s trite to say, but we truly could not do this without you. It would be impossible to scale without your radical generosity of time and talent.

To the staff at SheEO HQ, your behinds the scenes commitment, energy and plain hard work are the engine that makes the wheels turn. You are our unsung heroes.

To Vicki, whose vision set us all off on this amazing journey, it is a true joy to think with you through all the challenges, changes, ups and downs. You are the epitome of “never give up.” You make thinking about the million women possible!

For a moment, as you read these words, whatever category you fall into, truly allow yourself to receive the power of thankfulness as it is beamed from me to you. Receiving thanks deeply is as important to our well-being as offering it. Hopefully, the great-fulness you experience will fuel you for the next stage of our individual and collective evolution.  

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