Venture applications are OPEN in Australia and New Zealand! Apply by 13 June to get access to knowledge and resources from a global community.


The collective genius of our community guides us.
We hold space for the circulation and iteration of new methods, bold experiments, and eye-opening discoveries that power our path to the new economy.

Members (“Activators”) choose their own form and level of engagement, and adjust it at any time.

Activators determine the best fits for our Venture program, based on their individual intuition and judgment.

Selected Ventures work closely with the community to get the resources they need to reach their goals.

Our frameworks, stories, and lessons can be freely shared by and with anyone.

Our history

Launched in Canada in 2015 as SheEO, our visionary model for a new economy is now in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Originally an experiment in more equitable funding for women and nonbinary folk, we quickly saw spillover benefits from our community-driven, trust-based ethos.

In 2022, we renamed ourselves Coralus, reflecting our evolution from the individual (“SheEO”) to the collective (“Coralus”), and began inviting in other communities to iterate on our regenerative capital model

We are not here to win.
We are here to transform.
Coralus brings together women and nonbinary folks from across the planet to iterate our unique fused capital model by actually using it.

The entire Coralus community is designed to gather wisdom and experience into a Perpetual Insight Trust, which gathers wisdom and experiences from all corners to share out in the form of 1:1 support, personal development, business advice, reproducible methodologies, community frameworks, and stories.

Coralus “Activators” contribute to a Perpetual Capital Fund that is loaned out to selected Ventures at 0% interest, then cycled back in to support the next round of companies making progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our credo

We practice Radical Generosity, which we believe is core to creating a new and better world.

Here, we have all that we need to reach our potential.

If you need something, ask.

If you have something to give, please offer it.

We are all at different stages and ages and we come from different experiences.

We are here with our sleeves rolled up, ready to help one another.

This is a co-created environment built on trust.

We are creating a space for people to thrive on their own terms.

We take our time and we consider the future.

We celebrate and embolden each other.

We amplify each other’s voices.

We own our greatness.

Our values

We acknowledge the systemic exclusion of people outside the dominant culture’s privileged identities. We commit to equalizing access to opportunities, capital, and influence so we may all hold the benefits of self-actualization, full citizenship, and human rights.


Collaborative innovation is the propulsive energy of our evolution. We unearth our own biases to make space for others. We raise our hands to contribute to the ideas and actions that inspire us. Our individual and group interactions are grounded in being in relationship with each other, rather than to each other


We allow for new approaches to show themselves. Loose structures may serve us from time-to-time, but we are guided by non-linear, self-organizing manifestations of our shared vision. Our paths are unfurling as we walk on them.


Our cultures, institutions, bodies, selfhood, planet, and energy are all systems. Problem-solving approaches that separate components (the mind from the body, the self from the culture) cannot resolve our internal or external disharmonies. We work to support healthy interconnections within and between systems.

Our practice: Radical Generoisty
Radical Generosity puts our values into action.

Our principles are operationalized through the large and small choices we make, whether they are made as individuals, as a group, within the community, or in our everyday lives.

With an abundance mindset, we encourage the equitable flow of resources. We see that each of us has gifts and immense potential. We hold the belief that we have – and are – all we need. We trust that the group will catch us if we stumble. And when we notice imperfect enactions of Radical Generosity, we remember that it is a practice – not a state of being – and are Radically Generous with ourselves and others.

Core team

A small group of Coralus members stewards operations and resources, like administration, finance, and communications. This core team also holds space for the community to co-design and self-direct our transformative activities.

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