Venture applications are OPEN in Australia and New Zealand! Apply by 13 June to get access to knowledge and resources from a global community.


Women + non-binary folks who activate their buying power, networks + expertise to create an equitable + sustainable world.


 Women + non-binary folks who activate their buying power, networks + expertise to create a more equitable + sustainable world.

“What I love about the SheEO community is that every Activator I’ve met starts with, “How can I help?”. I’ve been involved with tons of different networks and I don’t know ANY other group where that’s the first thing.”

–  Suzanne Tyson, Activator + Venture

Join a global community of radically generous
women + non-binary folks - together we'll work to transform systems.



You’ll join a supportive, vibrant community of women+ non-binary folks, from all walks of life, races, backgrounds, experiences + ages (our current age range is 11-95).



For $92 or £71 per month, you’ll help create a Perpetual Fund for women + non-binary entrepreneurs who are changing the world.



You’ll build relationships, ask for help, offer your support + discover new opportunities for collaboration.​

What does SheEO mean to you?

"This was my first time joining the call and I loved it. The feeling of solidarity in having so many intelligent, successful, well-connected women, and at all stages, was outstanding."

- Jacqueline Metzler
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Support + impact

Felicity Chapman

Australian Activator
“SheEO has changed my life, allowing me to connect with like-minded, social impact-driven women from across the country and the world and building my self-confidence to achieve my business and community goals.”

Veronica Johnny

Canadian Activator
“My business practices have levelled up, a few times, in the five weeks I have been part of the SheEO community. This is the support circle I have been dreaming of."

Busola Sodeinde

UK Activator
“I’m IN because of the opportunity to support and be inspired by groundbreaking women-led businesses that prioritise people and planet, in addition to profit.”

Liz Greive

New Zealand Activator
“To become an Activator is to join such a positive organisation of women, all of whom are there to help you step up and help change the world.”

Nalini Saxena

US Activator
"Being an Activator enables me to support amazing women founders through my resources and heart while stepping into a community of women who share the enthusiasm to be radically generous."

Susan Namulindwa

Canadian Activator
“The SheEO community renews my hope every time and reminds me what we can accomplish if we see, hear and care for each other.”

A proven model for an
equitable + sustainable world.


Click here to Activate. You’ll first create your Activator profile on SheEO’s online community and then select one of three payment options: 1) monthly payments of $92 or £71, 2) one-time payment of $1100 or £850 or 3) annual auto-renewal. From there, you’ll receive a welcome email, join an Activator Welcome Call, and receive more information on how you can get started in the community.

Your Activator contribution goes to a perpetual fund for SheEO Ventures – women entrepreneurs working on the World’s To-Do List – that you as an Activator get to vote for and select. Once the Ventures are selected, you’ll receive regular updates on how they’re doing and what support they need, and once a year you’ll receive a Venture Impact Report.

And there is the Activator experience: weekly Activator Support Calls, Global Activator Calls, voting for the Ventures, virtual events, online community, Ask/Give platform, SheEO Summit, podcasts, webinars, and more.   

We welcome all levels of participation and consider this to be a community that you join on your own terms. We understand that life gets busy so we invite you to engage in a way that works for you. If you want to contribute your capital but don’t have time beyond that, great! If you want to be highly engaged, support the Ventures and help grow the community, that works too!

Your experience as an Activator  is on your own terms. You can be involved as you like. No guilt!

  • Connect with other Activators – The Activator community is an invaluable network of well-connected, experienced and radically generous women who are here to support each other. You might meet your next business partner, mentor, investor or lifelong friend. You can build relationships with other Activators via the weekly Activator Support Calls, Global Activator Calls, online community, virtual events, SheEO Summit, and more. 
  • Ask & Give – We have all that we need in this network to reach our potential. If you need something, ask. If you have something to give, please offer it. At SheEO you are encouraged to ask for help via our Ask/Give platform, weekly Activator Calls and on our online community.
  • Vote to select the Ventures – Each year there are two rounds of online voting where you can share feedback with Venture applicants and help decide which entrepreneurs will receive funding, coaching and access to the community.
  • Support the Ventures – You’ll hear the latest Venture updates and Asks (what they need help with) on our Activator Calls and newsletters, and you are welcome to get involved as a customer, advisor, connector, amplifier, and/or follow-on fund investor to help the Ventures grow their businesses.
  • Learn and take action around building equitable systems and shifting mindsets – As an Activator you’ll be invited to participate in learning sessions with SheEO Development Guide MJ Ryan, virtual events, webinars, workshop series, podcasts, and the SheEO Summit.
  • And if you want to get even more involved, there are opportunities to host and facilitate calls and events, join and organize working groups within the network (e.g. SheEO Racial Justice Working Group), help grow the Activator community, help Ventures with their financials, and more!

Yes! You can either gift an Activation to a woman in your life (e.g. your daughter, sister, mother, friend, mentee, wife) or to someone who has applied to SheEO for a gifted spot. 

With gifted Activations, you’ll contribute 80% ($880 or £680) and the recipient will contribute the remaining 20% ($220 or £170) and be able to participate fully as an Activator in the SheEO community. Click here to gift an Activation.

If the Activator contribution represents a financial barrier but you really want to be part of SheEO’s global community of radically generous women, we invite you to apply for a gifted Activation. How it works: 80% of the Activator contribution will be covered thanks to another person’s radical generosity; for 20% ($220 or £170) you’ll help fund the Ventures and get to participate fully as an Activator in the community.

The Activator Experience

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Alisha Griffey
SheEO Activator

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Suzanne Siemens
SheEO Activator + Venture

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Carol Vale
SheEO Activator

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