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Am I Ready for a Trust Fall?

Written by Vicki Saunders

About a year ago I told the team I need a break. Like a big one. 6 months? 

The team didn’t even blink. We’ve got this. 

I wasn’t surprised by their courage. I witness it every day. I made the announcement well in advance, giving us lots of space — a year to prepare — and set my intention to have a year’s cashflow covered and most of my stuff handed off. We’ve done lots of leadership capacity building, school sessions, sharing of some of the less transparent things on my plate. It’s been really great.

About two months ago I was on a call with an Activator — Tasha Gideon, talking about some new narratives, and she said, “I’m ready for a trust fall anytime”. It struck me immediately.

And, I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Am I?

Am I ready for a trust fall at any moment?

This is a big one for me. I have never left an organisation in mid-flight to take a big break. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this community every single day. I’ve been extremely intentional and hands on with almost everything we’ve co-created; carefully curating experiences, paying deep attention to details of how people feel, what food we serve at events, hugs when you enter an event, the song we play when you enter the Zoom call, I used to edit every single email that went out until about a year ago.

Letting go is a big deal for me. I’m so conditioned to control the s* out of everything. I care so much about how each person feels. I am so committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, where they know they are amazing as they are. Bring your full self. Oh here we go, tears are coming up for me as I write this.

I am taking a trust fall on April 1st.

I know the team has this. I know all of you have this. I see you care for each other so beautifully. I see you leave space for one another to show up with differing points of view. I know you will all practice being radically generous with yourselves and others.

And the universe not only gave me the challenge of trusting this, it set the bar even higher because we are in the middle of the process of changing our name, something I planned to have done by the time I left. So, it looks like I’m doing a trust fall on that too. 😂

Let me know how it goes will ya! 🙂

It is said that over a seven year cycle, every single cell we have is replaced. We are created anew. It’s been 7 years since we launched SheEO. I am an entirely different person than when we started. The organization is different too. I’m ready for a big break to give space to what wants to come through next.

I’m starting by walking the Camino Trail and after that, we’ll see.

I’m deleting all my social media apps.

I will be available to the team if they need me but mostly, I’m off to find myself again and grateful for all of your love and support for one another that makes this possible.

Passing the baton, for now….see you in July, or August, or September….I’m playing it by ear.

Much love,

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