#BuyWomenOwned SheEO Shopping Guide

SheEO Shopping Guide This year support women-led and women-owned Ventures that are working on the World’s To-Do List when purchasing gifts for friends, family or for yourself. Here we’ve curated the perfect gifts: For the Sustainable Shopper For the Clean Beauty Citizen For the Health Conscious For the Food Lover For Mindful Families For the […]

Votre Invitation À L’Entreprise

new ventures at 2020 Global Summit

Êtes-vous une femme cis* ou trans, non-binaire ou non-conforme au genre, Entrepreneure, avec une organisation dont le modèle d’impact social et de revenus est considérable? Si c’est le cas, nous vous invitons à vous joindre à SheEO, une communauté de femmes radicalement généreuses qui finance et apporte du soutien aux entreprises, mais d’une toute nouvelle […]

Mindset Monday: Becoming Warriors, not Worriers

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.” – Erma Bombeck Somewhere in my distant childhood, I attended every class in the school of magical thinking where I learned that worrying is useful. Either it wards off something bad from happening or it allows you to […]

From competition to collaboration with Chia Sisters

Better Packaging Co co-founder first Kiwi woman to win $137,000 prize

Quote from Podcast “To create another brand that’s bigger than all of us and that is really scary and that’s hard and we need to be vulnerable when we’re doing it. But ultimately it’s created something bigger than ourselves and it’s benefited our company and all of our companies together which is really exciting.” – […]

Mindset Monday: Your Metaphors Matter to Your Mindset

So many of us are under a lot of stress from our external circumstances. We don’t need to pile onto that with our self-talk. How we talk to ourselves can either cause more stress or greater calm. I first noticed this when I was writing my book on patience and really studying my reactions. Whenever […]

How being in community grew SheEO Venture Dalcini during COVID

“When I didn’t see what I liked, I thought OK, well let me create it. I either had to accept what was available and if that wasn’t an option, then go create something new.” – Nita Tandon, Founder & CEO of Dalcini Stainless Overview of podcast When Founders have a deep connection to the problems […]

A New Look in Between Worlds

From the beginning, the name SheEO was either a love it or lose it vibe “Brilliant!”, said many. Redefining a new way of being a leader. Others lumped us in with the #girlboss, Shero, mompreneur, ‘cutesy’ names that they said diminished the work we were doing. One of my mentors said, “SheEO is trite. What […]

Mindset Monday: “Are You Willing to Have the Impact You Want?”

Dia Bondi is a U.S. SheEO Activator who is the most kick-ass communications catalyst/speaker/coach I know. A few months ago, she wrote a newsletter that I can’t get out of my mind. I guess it’s because so many of the women entrepreneurs I work with still struggle with owning their power. But if we continue […]

Abundance / Sufficiency

When the market crashed in 2008, we found $17 trillion in three weeks to bail out the banks. That’s equivalent to 600 years on the planet without hunger.