Venture applications are OPEN in Australia and New Zealand! Apply by 13 June to get access to knowledge and resources from a global community.


An invitation to venture in.

Our global community converges to support your good work for the planet. You’ll find mentors, advisors, customers, superfans, and people who’ve got your back.

Our radically different approach

X No jargon

X No pitch decks

X No financial projections

You need support that is patient, open to new ways of doing things, and aware of systemic barriers you will face. We're ready to use our influence to support you on the journey.

You don't have to build your dream alone.

“This is a safe space for women of colour entrepreneurs. It is full of people who are deeply compassionate, empathic, caring and willing to share those resources to those of us who aren’t used to having folks receive us in that way.”

– Wakumi Douglas, Founder, S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective and Coralus Venture

A unique ecosystem of small business support.

Coralus is a global community of like-hearted people offering their gifts to the common good. Entering our ecosystem means access to resources and insights that will help you unlock your own gifts and the power of your vision.

“It feels like we have an exponential team of enthusiastic professionals ready to help increase our impact.”

– Mikaela Jade, Founder Indigital and Coralus Venture

To qualify*


*See our application for full details

“[Coralus] changed everything. You taught me that I don’t have to try to fit my vision into the current system. I could imagine and build a better way. I didn’t need to fight for my seat at the table; I could flip and reset the table.”

– Erin Millar, Founder The Discourse and Coralus Venture

Time and time again, our members’ collective intuition outperforms any panel of experts.

Regional members (“Activators”) are wholly responsible for selecting Ventures into our unique ecosystem of small business support.  Every member can vote, using their own judgment and instincts to move Ventures through the process toward final selection.

“I am a single mom. I’m Indigenous, I had no business background and no assets. I started my company in my Crockpot in my kitchen.

[This community] saw the value in me and my business. We’re now in 800 stores across the country, exporting and selling online worldwide. No question, I would not be here without it.”

– Patrice Mousseau, Founder, Satya Organics and Coralus Venture

Support on your own terms, like you’ve never experienced before

Simply by applying, you’ll receive opportunities for visibility, connection, insight, and direct support from our global group of members. Applicants who progress through to later stages have even greater access to all that our community has to offer. As members get more passionate about what you’re doing, doors open, introductions get made, your concept gets shared out, and energy really starts flowing.

Selected Ventures build even deeper connections amongst themselves and with the broader group, and become eligible for a 0% loan.

Our Venture cycle is seasonal and organized by hemisphere.

Dates for Canada, US, and UK coming soon!


Coralus Activators democratically vote to support various types of Ventures who create significant positive impact across all sectors who align with at least one of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are agnostic about age or sector or structure. If you are a for-profit, not-for-profit or charity that generates revenue and can pay back a loan over 5 years, then you can apply.

No, we are agnostic about age or sector or structure. If you are a for-profit, not-for-profit or charity that generates revenue and can pay back a loan over 5 years, then you can apply.

Yes! If you are an entrepreneur and meet the criteria (majority women- or non-binary-owned and led, minimum $50K or £40K in revenue this year, and creating a better world), we encourage you to apply. If you are applying as a Venture, becoming an Activator is a great way to join the Coralus community, begin building relationships and get the support you need to grow your business.

In order to apply to be a Coralus Venture, you must meet all eligibility requirements including the minimum revenue.  Many Ventures begin as Activators, and leverage the network to get the support they need through our community of radically generous women + nonbinary folks  with all different sorts of expertise and connections.

If your business meets the eligibility criteria then yes you can apply.

  • Describe Your Venture. 
  • What is your Venture’s vision?
  • Why you? Why now? Why are you the person to solve the problem your Venture is addressing? Why is now the right time? 
  • Which UN Sustainability Goal are you working on (you may have more than one but please highlight one) and how are you measuring impact?
  • What is your current business model? How do you currently make money?
  • Reciprocity is an important part of the Coralus experience. Why do you want to join our venture community? What do you want to give and receive?
  • Tell us about your leadership team. How do you define roles and responsibilities? Current number of full time employees? Current number of part-time employees/contractors on your team? 

At Coralus, we trust the intuition of Activators to determine/select the Ventures. These Activators are asked to keep the following in mind: 

  • Would you buy or refer to this product or service to your network?
  • Does the entrepreneur have what it takes to lead this company?
  • Do you think this business is creating a better world (is it a new mindset, new model or new solution in how they run their business or in their product and service)?
  • Is the business exporting to other countries or have export potential?

The loan amount for the cohort is determined by the number of Active Activators contributing to the pool of funds divided by the number of ventures (eg: If the pool was $125,000, each venture could get $25000 max). It tops out at $100,000 maximum for an individual venture in each country.

The 0%-interest loan has a five-year term that is paid back in 20 equal installments. We don’t restrict what the loan is used for except it cannot be used to payback debt. As the funds are paid back, the money gets reinvested into the fund and loaned out again to new Ventures.

The first quarter after the retreat is devoted to starting engaging with your development guide, getting deeply connected to the community, and working with an Activator accountant for learning and support. 

At the end of the quarter, with insights from the Activator CFO and your Development Guide’s support, you’ll assess whether you want to take a loan and if so, how much and whether it should be given all at once or tied to milestones. 

We’ve had ventures take no loan because they are getting what they need from the community and the coaching, take a small amount, take it with milestones and get the full amount all at once—whatever is best given the Venture’s unique situation and ability to repay. 

Coralus reserves the right to accept or reject a Venture’s request; however we strive for alignment between the Venture and the Guides.

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