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We’re building something completely new…

I was asked a question at an event recently: “what’s the most challenging part of building SheEO right now?”


Something that always comes to mind that I personally find the most challenging is trying to build a space that equally supports, engages and provides meaning for the wide range of women in our radically generous network. Our Activators come from all ages, stages, backgrounds, sectors, and experiences. It is learning about them and building around why they’re IN and what they are looking for from this experience that has been one of the most fascinating and challenging parts of the journey to date.


There are serious, “get-s* done”, seasoned, corporate execs with a wealth of experience ready to pay it forward and mentor others. And they want to focus on the ventures, and nothing else.


There are women who are early in their journey  who are looking for a radically generous community to surround themselves with so they feel supported as they step, often times with great discomfort, into their dreams and desires to have a greater impact.


There are entrepreneurs who are frustrated with how hard it has been to get funded and want to share their learning and be part of a new solution.


There are women who would say they know nothing about business and are here to pay it forward. And women who are on a mission to radically redesign the economic and social system we are living in and are deeply engaged in co-designing the model with us.


There are young women who are inspired by the mission and want to learn from others who are co-activating with each other.


The most recent additions are 45 high schools girls who formed a club, contributing $25 each to be an Activator and New Zealand’s top female executive who was once the only woman CEO on the NZ Stock Exchange.


Full circle.


It is inspiring that such a wide range of women have come together for a common mission. And at an early stage of any new initiative it’s really wild to figure out how to create an environment that satisfies all the needs of all the people. And as I’ve learned, that’s the work. Holding space for all to be welcome, to contribute and to share their unique experiences.


We are building something completely new here:


a new model  to redistribute capital to create a new economy

a perpetual global, distributed development fund in support of women innovators,

a new values system based on radical generosity,

a community of women helping women,

a network to leverage women’s buying power and business and leadership expertise on behalf of companies creating a better world

a radically redesigned support system for female entrepreneurs

a new innovation ecosystem


… and we’re still learning. And we’re still building.


If any of this sounds like something you’d like to jump into come and join us on the journey at http://SheEO.World


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