SheEO Trade Event: AU, NZ + Canada

Join us for our first virtual Trade Event to help support the growth of women + non-binary owned businesses creating a positive impact. Day 1 Canada: Monday, November 29 at 5-7:30pm EST Australia: Tuesday, 30 November at 9-11:30am AEDT New Zealand: Tuesday, 30 November at 11am-1:30pm NZDT Day 2 Canada: Tuesday, November 30 at 5-7:30pm […]

2021 Australian Virtual Summit

Join us 25-26 October, 2021 for the third SheEO Australian Summit, a virtual gathering for women + non-binary people working on The World’s To-Do List. “Last year was tough for so many of us, and the SheEO community has been there through it all. Anytime something has been needed in the company whether it’s connections or advice, […]

Economics needs feminism and feminism needs economics with Katrine Marçal

Quote from Podcast “Economics needs feminism and feminism needs economics. It’s so key for solving the problems we have today. I firmly believe this is the perspective we need. This is what can fix our economic problems.” – Katrine Marçal, author of “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?“ In this episode Adam Smith is considered the […]

Activators: Stories of Transformation

This podcast was recorded live from the Wisdom Room Stage at the #SheEOGlobalSummit hosted in Toronto, March 9 and 10, 2020. In this session moderated by SheEO Venture Development Guide MJ Ryan, Activators Tracy Gray, founder of The 22 Fund and We Are Enough, and Alessandra Lariu, Brand Experience Consultant, share how shifting mindsets have […]

Building at the Speed of Trust

By Vicki Saunders Building a new world starts with Wisdom from the Ages My first real connection to Indigenous culture came in New Zealand in 2016. Theresa Gattung invited me to New Zealand to speak at a global conference for women in business: WorldWomen. She worked closely with kuia (Maori women elders) for the event […]

Getting at the Root Causes: Using Business to Transform Systems

This podcast was recorded live from the Wisdom Room Stage at the #SheEOGlobalSummit hosted in Toronto, March 9 and 10, 2020. Moderated by Tatiana Fraser, the co-founder of The Systems Sanctuary, panellists Teara Fraser, CEO of Iskwew Air and Raven Institute; Hannah Cree, co-founder and co-CEO of CMNGD; and BE Alink, founder of the Alinker, […]

Two SheEO Ventures just closed funding rounds, led by SheEO Activators!

In New Zealand, Beany just closed a $1.5M round of funding. Beany’s founder Sue De Bievre described the support of the SheEO Community as a “game-changer” for closing funding. Sue spent a year working in raising funding for her business prior to being selected by SheEO and in her own words, “it was very hard” […]