Connecting with Community in Aoteaora with Kim Aitken of Aitken Frame Homes

“Almost every foundational step of being in New Zealand came from that Coralus network. It was great to feel that that network extended beyond business.” — Kim Aitken, Aitken Frame Homes In this episode Catch up with Kim Aitken of Coralus Venture Aitken Frame Homes! Kim joins Activator Karley Cunningham to discuss coming to New Zealand […]

Venture Update with Anong Beam of Beam Paints

“When you have that attachment to going out, finding, and sourcing materials, it feels really wrong to just pour it in a plastic cup and then move on.” — Anong Beam, Beam Paints In this episode Catch up with Anong Beam of Coralus Venture Beam Paints, as she shares exciting new updates about the business (including […]

Venture Update with Nivatha Balendra of Dispersa

“That’s really important to us at the end of the day is having that mutual understanding, and people who really believe in this positive impact that we’re wanting to create in the world.” — Nivatha Balendra, Dispersa In this episode Catch up with Nivatha Balendra of Coralus Venture Dispersa, as she shares exciting new updates about […]

Regenerating the Local Ecology with Bretton Hills of Ondine Oceanfarm

“Ocean health is critical to human health in the long run, and one of the best ways that we can regenerate the local ecology in this area is through regenerative ocean farming.” — Bretton Hills, Ondine Oceanfarm In this episode Meet Bretton Hills of Coralus Venture Ondine Oceanfarm! Bretton joins Activator Jessica Lax to talk […]

Closing the Disparity Gap with Brittany Hardy of The Hardy Clinic

“In order for us as a country to get better, we have to close the disparity gap. By bringing attention to how marginalized groups in this country are treated and don’t have access to basic things like mental health services.” — Brittany Hardy, The Hardy Clinic In this episode Meet Brittany Hardy of Coralus Venture […]

Moving at the Speed of Trust with Zoë Condliffe of She’s A Crowd

“The of culture of silence and shame around sexual violence is what keeps us separated, and what keeps us from activating for a movement.” — Zoë Condliffe, She’s a Crowd In this episode Meet Zoë Condliffe of Coralus Venture She’s a Crowd! Zoë joins Activator Gabrielle Martinovich to talk about how She’s a Crowd came […]

Podcast: 2022 Year in Review

“One of the big themes is this idea of moving from individual to community. How in times like this, do we turn to each other? Do we work together? And do we create a stronger ecosystem together by supporting one another?” — Nat Geffen, Community Experience Manager at Coralus In this episode In this episode, […]