Abundance / Sufficiency

When the market crashed in 2008, we found $17 trillion in three weeks to bail out the banks. That’s equivalent to 600 years on the planet without hunger.


At SheEO we follow the energy. SheEO has no major milestone documents.


We are used to being told what to do, what to think, and how to work. The mechanistic worldview of the industrial revolution saw workers as cogs in a giant machine, specialized in one particular area to maximize efficiency.


We tend to think that the economic system is not working. But it is often working exactly as designed and intended — to aggregate resources and power in the hands of a few.

Capital in Flow

Eight men now have the same wealth as half the planet; 3.5 billion people. This is a great injustice for many reasons, not least of which is that this keeps capital sequestered away from many more productive uses.

In Right Relationship

We’ve been conditioned to seek scale, speed, and quick fixes to complex problems, but at SheEO we assert that everything is relationships.

Transformation of Self and Systems

You do not need to be a trained expert to understand systems — every family, forest, and even your own body is a complex adaptive system, continually evolving in a non-linear way and responding to its environment through adaptation.