Partnerships for Equitable Systems with Traci Houpapa

“As First Nations, I have an experience learned and loved that I think works, because it works for me and my people and communities. But then at the same time, I need to make sure that that also considers the higher order aspiration of improving quality of life for all people.“ — Traci Houpapa, SheEO […]

Humanizing our System: Economics of Partnerism with Riane Eisler

“These movements primarily focus on dismantling the top of the domination pyramid, politics and economics, as conventionally defined. And what happened? This left in place the foundations on which this pyramid keeps rebuilding itself in regression after regression.” Riane Eisler, PhD and President for the Center for Partnership Systems In this episode This special episode […]

Year End By The Numbers

Watch our Year End By The Numbers Below. “It’s been a crazy year in the SheEO community + in the world. During COVID, we’ve done lots of iteration, to be able to co-create in community, globally and all online. We almost never roll up the year in terms of a bunch of activities that we’ve created.  […]

Racial Justice with Lutze Segu

Lutze Segu

“First we have to really think about what’s possible. Because the resistance revolution change starts in the imagination.” – Lutze B. Segu, MSW, Doctoral Student in The Institute for Gender, Race Sexuality and Social Justice at The University of British Columbia In this episode Join Lutze Segu and Vicki Saunders to chat about Lutze’s work […]

Economics needs feminism and feminism needs economics with Katrine Marçal

Quote from Podcast “Economics needs feminism and feminism needs economics. It’s so key for solving the problems we have today. I firmly believe this is the perspective we need. This is what can fix our economic problems.” – Katrine Marçal, author of “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?“ In this episode Adam Smith is considered the […]

Rules & Capital

“I want to get the right capital to entrepreneurs, in the way that they need it without pressure for them to have to want to be a certain kind of business.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute Overview of podcast What are the needs of entrepreneurs and how do we design investments to […]

Gender Lens & the Entanglement

“It’s not enough to be aware if you’re not willing to use your power to challenge those systems of power.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute Overview of podcast Gender and system change is complex. Masking the complexity so it’s just about women, oversimplifies the issue. How does creating a simplistic starting […]

Rules & Money Part 1

“How do we mobilize funding for the efforts that are not working within the current system who are potentially being prophetic or bold enough to blow up the system. That they’re not working in the interest in the system and therefore, they need a different kind of funding.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of […]

Resiliency + Transforming Relationships of Power

Strong Back, Soft Front

“Resilience requires a constant transformation of relationships of power.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute Overview of podcast We hear a lot about resilience, particularly in the context of emergencies like the current COVID-19 crisis. But for some, is resilience really just about being expected to survive a broken system because there […]