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Circularity as a Sustainable Business Model with Danielle Ruttenberg of Remark Glass

“The notions of being a responsible business owner has taken the forefront of our entrepreneurship journey. We’re a holistic company and we’re trying to look at circularity as as a sustainable business model.”

Danielle Ruttenberg, Remark Glass

In this episode

Danielle Ruttenberg of Coralus Venture Remark Glass joins Danielle Cadhit, Activator and Director of Systems + Emergent Strategy, to talk about the business, their focus on supporting their local community, and their time in the Coralus community so far.

They also discuss:

  • Their nonprofit Bottle Underground and how the two organizations work together
  • Stories of impact and customer feedback
  • Remark Glass’s fair chance hiring program
  • What’s next for Remark Glass
  • An ask for listeners in the community.

We invite you to join us as an Activator.

Take action and engage with Remark Glass:

Connect with Danielle Cadhit on LinkedIn.

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