Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

Create a natural product like Satya

A new LIVE Series on Facebook & IGTV on Instagram called SheEO Unplugged where Ventures talk to each other about what is happening in their business during these times, what change they want to see in the world and their ASK to our community.

This week Patrice from Satya and Hannah – Venture in Residence with SheEO talk about what it’s like to build a natural and Health Canada approved product, that all started in your crockpot and is now in hundreds of stores & online.

They have a deeper conversation about community, building women-led businesses & supporting each other through COVID.

The ASK from Satya:

Support & buy from Indigenous businesses and buy direct off their websites. Check out @satyaorganic Instagram for several businesses you can support.



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