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Empowering Change through Coffee Fruit with Vanessa Murillo of I Am Grounded

“This actually has a lot of potential to be a social enterprise that is for the planet, for people, but also is a delicious product and actually can provide a functional benefit for the consumer.”

Vanessa Murillo, I Am Grounded

In this episode

Vanessa Murillo of Coralus Venture I Am Grounded joins Activator Connie Henson to talk about starting the business, her background in a family of coffee entrepreneurs, and the importance of listening to customers to shape future product innovations.

They also discuss:

  • The coffee fruit, the bean, and the problems I Am Grounded is solving
  • Her “roller coaster” journey as an entrepreneur, from hand making and distributing bars to cafes and grocery stores
  • How her background in marketing and advertising helped grow the business from the ground up
  • The advantages of being a small startup and having the ability to be nimble
  • Launching the company amidst challenges brought on by the global pandemic
  • What it’s like being part of the Coralus community of support

We invite you to join us as an Activator.

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