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Extending Tire Life Cycles through Circular Fashion with Christal Earle of Brave Soles

“When you are in landfills, you see how things quickly reached their end of life. But it’s really long before they’ve ever reached their end of use.”

Christal Earle, Brave Soles

In this episode

Meet Christal Earle of Coralus Venture Brave Soles! Christal joins Activator Megan Tong to talk about how the Venture got started, the differences between circular and sustainable fashion, and how we can start to think differently about the use of materials in the products we purchase.

They also discuss:

  • The connections she’s made with people working in landfills
  • Adopting her daughter and bringing her to Canada from the Dominican Republic
  • Learning about business and entrepreneurship on the job
  • The importance of being insatiably curious about everything
  • Collecting impact data and sharing transparency around pricing and sustainability
  • What’s next for Brave Soles

We invite you to join us as an Activator.

Take action and engage with Brave Soles:

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