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Gender Analysis + Power Dynamics

“To change systems, you have to focus on A system, not THE system. Because if you try to take on THE system, it’s just an amorphous blob that you can’t figure out how to pick at. But you can get at individual systems one at a time and that at least is a place to start.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute

Overview of podcast

In this second episode of the Money & Power series, Vicki Saunders continues the conversation with Criterion Institute’s Joy Anderson about the power dynamics within the various systems that make up this world. The discussion explores how entrepreneurs and other individuals can engage with finance, and how the power they hold can be used to disrupt systemic injustices in financial and market systems. 

In this episode

Today, they look at:

  • How to inspire people in the moment of personal and community crisis to pay attention to bigger systems.
  • The ability to see the inequitable patterns in the market systems.
  • How gender analysis plays a crucial role to change systems.
  • Why market systems rely on trust and are therefore hard to shift.
  • Prioritizing where there is leverage to change systems.

Take action & engage:

Learn more about power and systems from the Criterion Institute at criterioninstitute.org

We invite you to become a SheEO Activator or apply to be a Venture at www.sheeo.world



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