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Gender Lens & the Entanglement

“It’s not enough to be aware if you’re not willing to use your power to challenge those systems of power.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute

Overview of podcast

Gender and system change is complex. Masking the complexity so it’s just about women, oversimplifies the issue. How does creating a simplistic starting point form more structural inequities?
Vicki Saunders and Joy Anderson interpret the interconnectedness of how complex these issues are. In the sixth episode from the Power and System series, Vicki and Joy reveal:

In this episode

  • What we need for real systemic change.
  • How we’re not trained to think in wholes, we’re trained to think in parts.
  • The journey of the gender spectrum from aware to responsive to transformative.
  • How simple next steps take people further into complexity.
  • The need to change yourself to change the system.
  • Why we’re not ticking boxes, but taking people on a complex journey to discover what their role is in shifting the system.

Take action & engage:

Learn more about power and systems from the Criterion Institute at www.criterioninstitute.org

We invite you to become a SheEO Activator or apply to be a Venture at www.sheeo.world



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