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Going Global with Export Development Canada (EDC)

“We want to help Canadian businesses at any point in their export journey. There’s something that EDC can do to help you.”

Jennifer Cooke, Director of Inclusive Trade at Export Development Canada

In this episode

This is a special episode of the SheEO.World podcast recorded as a Learning Circle in May 2021, in partnership with EDC, Export Development Canada.

If you’re interested in selling to customers outside of Canada, listen into the stories of SheEO Venture and Activator, Suzanne of Aisle, Jennifer Cooke of EDC, and Hannah Cree, SheEO Venture-in-Residence as they cover the ins and outs of international trade.

With a strategy to support women-owned and -led businesses at every stage of their export journey, EDC encourages women, like you, to dream big and think global about their business. Whether you’re exporting products, services, or experiences, you can realize your global potential and feel empowered to make confident business decisions with the right financial solutions and expert knowledge from a resourceful partner like EDC. 

Here are some recommended resources:

  • Sign up for a free MyEDC account to access more than 50 expert webinars, business intelligence on thousands of companies, 750+ exclusive reports, articles and blogs, 250+ answers to complex trade questions, and more
  • Review the basics about intellectual property and learn how to protect yours when expanding to new markets
  • Learn how to manage the changing e-commerce landscape and keep your company’s competitive edge in this eight-part series to help your company thrive
  • Access cash flow, manage risk and build resilience with EDC financial solutions

Visit edc.ca/women-in-trade to learn more about how EDC can help you enter new markets and realize your global potential.

We invite you to join us as an Activator at SheEO.World.

Take action and engage with EDC:

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