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Learning Circle Tracks: Finance, Entrepreneurial, Mindset, + Systems

Coralus is relaunching Learning Circle Tracks starting in September 2022 with a refreshed approach! Registration is open to all Active community members.

Mindset Learning and Entrepreneurial Learning Tracks will continue to provide teachings, practice, and support.

Finance and Systems Track will return with a peer learning approach that allows for connecting, collective questioning, and co-designing with others in the community to build on the themes of power.

This is all included in the Activator experience.

Mindset Learning Track with MJ Ryan

In the Mindset track, we’ve done a lot over the past years on personal transformation. This fall, I’d like to focus more on collaboration–how we think effectively with others and bring out our and their best for the good of us all. Come to one, or come to all, whatever you feel called to. No obligation. They will be a combination of teaching and practice in small groups, and there will be opportunities for learning buddies if you want. – MJ 

Mindset Track #1: Optimizing Your Conflict + Negotiating Styles

We each have default styles of dealing with conflict and negotiating for what we want, whether personal or professional. Come to this session where you will learn about the 5 styles and when and how to use each for greater effectiveness with others at work and at home.

Registration gets you access to the conflict and negotiating assessment that ventures take pre-retreat.


Mindset Track #2: Disagree Effectively – Communication for Greater Transparency + Collaboration

How effective are you in communicating that you have a different point of view at work or home? 

Typically, we end up unintentionally alienating others or avoid expressing our truth altogether for fear of hurting the other person, missing crucial opportunities to build bridges between one another and find breakthrough solutions. 

Fortunately, there are simple communication techniques we can learn to express ourselves honestly and with kindness.

Join us as we practice this essential collaboration skill together!


Mindset Track #3:  1 + 1= 3 : Bringing Out the Best in Others

How do we optimize the talents of others we work and live with so that we can maximize the effect we want to have in the world? 

Come as we explore an asset focus with other people, looking at what’s right and fostering that, rather than focusing on what’s wrong. It’s a crucial skill to make 1+1= 3. 

Registration gives you access to the Thinking Talent assessment if you haven’t already taken it as well as access for any work and/or life partners.

Entrepreneurial Learning Track with Loren Walsh

In the Entrepreneurial track we focus on how you can build a thriving business “on your own terms” whether you are currently a solopreneur, corporate entrepreneur within a larger company or a founder seeking to scale their venture . Each session will feature a Coralus venture success story to bring the content to life along with the opportunity to dialogue with others on the topic in small breakout discussions and a playbook you can put to immediate use.

Entrepreneurial Track #1: Financing that is Right for You + Why? 

There are many creative  ways to finance the growth of your business in addition to raising capital from external  investors. In this session we will explore the multiple avenues for finance available and help you determine why, when and how to best leverage your options.


Entrepreneurial Track #2: Building Your Boards

Every successful entrepreneur relies on trusted advisors to gain a broader perspective, solve challenging dilemmas and recharge while navigating the inevitable highs and lows of entrepreneurship. In this session we will explore proven best practices in building advisory  boards capable of significantly accelerating your success.


Entrepreneurial Track #3: Business Strategy Basics – B2B + B2C

Developing your business strategy road map gives you the knowledge and confidence to  stay the course or pivot and puts you in a proactive rather than reactive position- as you continue to grow your business. In this session, we will introduce a simple yet powerful  business strategy planning process featuring the 8 elements of company building including B2B and B2C go-to- market strategy essentials.

Systems Peer Learning Track with Danielle (Dane) Cadhit

Join us for a Systems Track peer-led learning and unlearning group. In this bi-weekly six session series, we will come together in facilitated peer support workshops to explore our relationship to power, reflect on our intersectional identities, and understand the shifts we can create individually and as a collective to unlearn harmful thinking and the dominant ways of leading that circulate in our life and work. 

This peer-led group is for you if you want to:

  • Surface your own narrative, understand how you might use your power
  • Participate in co-designing your learning experience and reflecting meaningfully with others in the community
  • Lean (or learn) into your discomfort to unlock growth and deeper understanding
  • Share and learn from others in the community and our lived experiences


We invite you to commit to registering and participating in the series as we will be forming a community of practice to explore these topics and share from a place of deep relationship, listening, and an open heart to learn and unlearn. 

In our first session, we start by building trust and forming relationships and shared objectives. We will co-design the remaining sessions based on topics of interest that the group intends to explore in the subsequent sessions. 

We will use tools like Mural in the sessions to enhance our participation and collective sensemaking. Instructions for using these tools will be provided in the orientation with additional supports for you to participate – all on your own terms.

Sessions will be recorded and shared only for the participants of the group, with opportunities to connect in between via a private channel in the Coralus Community slack.

Finance Peer Learning Track with Criterion Institute

This new set of finance track will take form as discussion based working sessions with the Criterion team on a deep dive into different insights about finance & power. Coralus has been evolving so we are embarking on a project to design new financial vehicles and structures that meet the unique needs of our ventures that fundamentally shift power dynamics in finance. We are working with the Criterion Institute to present a portfolio of potential financial tools and insights that Activators and Ventures can use to demonstrate how innovative financial solutions can be used for social impact.

Each session, we will be presenting a few insights around a specific topic (to be decided) and analyze them through a power lens guided by the Criterion team. The sessions are fully interactive and require your participation to co-design. You don’t need to have any financial background or investment experience, just an imagination for the world we want to build. 

Through these sessions, we are looking to build a community of Activators and Ventures who are interested in learning how to deploy their capital in new ways through power sharing, sustained conversations, and constant learning and unlearning.

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