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Meet the women speaking at the #SheEOGlobalSummit

On March 9 and 10, 2020 the world is coming to Toronto for the SheEO Global Summit, a gathering of women working on the World’s To-Do List. This event is like none other, starting with the incredible line-up of all women-identified speakers who are leading companies that are changing systems and creating a better world. 

At the Global Summit you’ll have the chance to hear and learn from entrepreneurs, authors, educators, influencers and Indigenous elders to inspire you into action, on your own terms. 

Meet a few of the women who will be speaking at the Global Summit:

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Joy Anderson’s work has shaped the impact and gender lens investing movements, as well as hundreds of Ventures.

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Suzanne Biegel has spent the past decade building the global gender lens and impact investing fields and is leading the launch of SheEO UK.

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Sherry Deutschmann grew her business debt-free to a $40 million enterprise which she sold in 2016, by putting employees — not customers — first. 

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Teara Fraser, the first Indigenous woman to launch an airline in Canada.

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Denise Hearn co-authored The Myth of Capitalism, which topped the Financial Times Best Books of 2018 list.

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Carol Anne Hilton has led the establishment of #indigenomics from a single word to an entire movement. 

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Carol Vale unites Indigenous and non-Indigenous women together to share experiences, skills and insights into building businesses for impact. 

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Dori Tunstall is decolonizing design as the first black Dean of a Faculty of Design, anywhere.

PLUS dozens of SheEO Venture Founders and hundreds of SheEO Activators from all five regions, all leaders in their own fields, will be at the Summit. 

Check out the complete list of speakers and register now at bit.ly/SheEOGlobalSummit. 

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