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Moonshot Inventions at COP26 with Brandi DeCarli of Farm From a Box

“This is really where the talk gets thrown out the window, and it’s really all about action. We’re seeing the effects of climate change, so now it’s really the time for us to put it into action. Perfect timing for us to be there and involved, and show people what Farm From a Box can do.

— Brandi DeCarli, Founding Partner and CEO of Farm From a Box

In this episode

EXCITING news from SheEO Venture Farm From a Box! Brandi DeCarli, Founding Partner and CEO, will be joining the New York Times Climate Hub next week! 🌍

Running alongside #COP26, the Climate Hub includes nine days of innovative and equitable ideas, discussions, and discoveries to remake our future.

Tune in Thursday, November 4th, as Brandi joins an incredible panel focused on moonshot inventions—where they are most needed, what sectors have the potential to draw down emissions most rapidly, and how policy can incentivize businesses and organizations to develop and support solutions for communities most impacted by climate change.

Register today and reserve your spot to watch the panel – FREE as a virtual delegate.

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Podcast Transcript:

The podcast is being transcribed by Otter.ai. (there may be errors, run-on sentences and misspellings).

Brandi DeCarli 0:00
Hi, I’m Brandi DeCarli. I’m the co founder and CEO of Farm From a Box, and we’re revolutionizing local food production and enabling communities to grow high quality sustainable crops, with clean technology.

Hannah Cree 0:13
Welcome to the SheEO.World podcast, where you will meet women who are transforming the world to be more equitable and sustainable. Your host for today’s podcast is the founder of SheEO, Vicki Saunders. Welcome to SheEO.World.

Vicki Saunders 0:31
Hi, Brandi. Welcome.

Brandi DeCarli 0:33
Hi, Vicki, how are you doing?

Vicki Saunders 0:35
I’m good. I hear you have some exciting news. Where are you going?

Brandi DeCarli 0:39
Yes, I’m going to COP26, in Glasgow, with the New York Times.

Vicki Saunders 0:45
Oh, my God, tell me more.

Brandi DeCarli 0:49
So the New York Times, is basically a content partner of COP26. And for COP26. For those that don’t necessarily know what that is, it’s basically the climate change gathering globally, that’s happening. And this one’s particularly important because countries have fallen short with the Paris Agreement. So we really need to dive into action with this. So the New York Times has a Climate Hub, and through that they have a Climate Innovators Initiative, where they brought together vetted climate innovations, like Farm From a Box to really talk about what their solutions are, and the impacts that it can make in terms of really addressing climate change and helping communities do better and be better.

Vicki Saunders 1:33
This is huge. Well, congratulations, first of all, enormous.

Brandi DeCarli 1:37
Thank you.

Vicki Saunders 1:37
This is a very important meeting. So tell us, like quick update what’s going on with Farm From a Box? And then we’re going to talk to you when you’re there in Glasgow?

Brandi DeCarli 1:47
Yes, yes, yes. I mean, quite literally, this is the World’s To-Do List, but in a global conference, so I’m gonna have a lot to share. So very proud about that. And in our talk, I’m going to be in an editorial session talking about Moonshot Inventions for climate change, which, quite frankly, is what SheEO is all about with Ventures anyway. So we’ll be excited to be able to discuss that. Updates on our end, it’s interesting for us to attend a global United Nations Conference, because we’re a vendor of United Nations. And with that, we’re about to start doing our first volume order with the United Nations for Liberia, it’s been a learning process, figuring out how to jump through the different hoops and what was required to be able to really advance that, but we’re there. So that one is huge for us. And we continue to sort of press down on what Farm From a Box can do when we apply it as a supply chain solutions that we can really multiply what our impact is. So we’re continuing to work in the US and overseas. The most important thing is that this is really where the talk, talk, talk, talk, gets sort of thrown out the window. And it’s really all about action. Because we’re seeing the effects already of climate change between rampant wildfires, and floods, and crops being devastated. So now it’s really the time for us to put it into action. So perfect timing for us to be there and involved and, and show people what Farm From a Box can do.

Vicki Saunders 3:19

Brandi DeCarli 3:20
Giving a shout out right now to Colleen Abdoulah for believing us and investing in us, Nadine Martel, Melina, so many other SheEO Activators that have helped us get to this point, and MJ for your unbelievable guidance along the way. We’re so so so proud to be one of the representative Ventures for SheEO there at COP and so we’re gonna make as many contacts as we possibly can and share the message.

Vicki Saunders 3:47
Beautiful. You’re amazing. Good luck. Have a blast. And thank you for all you do. We’re so so proud of you. And we’re so honored to be on the journey with you.

Brandi DeCarli 3:57
Same, same, same. SheEO has been catalytic in us turning the corner, so I’m deeply, deeply grateful. Thank you.

Hannah Cree 4:08
Thank you for listening to the SheEO.World podcast. Like, comment, subscribe and share this podcast with your friends. We invite you to join a global community of radically generous women at SheEO.World.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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