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Moving at the Speed of Trust with Zoë Condliffe of She’s A Crowd

“The of culture of silence and shame around sexual violence is what keeps us separated, and what keeps us from activating for a movement.”

Zoë Condliffe, She’s a Crowd

In this episode

Meet Zoë Condliffe of Coralus Venture She’s a Crowd! Zoë joins Activator Gabrielle Martinovich to talk about how She’s a Crowd came to be, how policymakers can use data to add a gender lens to their work, and the importance of centring relationships and survivor stories.

They also discuss:

  • Her background in crowd mapping and lived experience as a survivor of gender-based violence
  • Using feminist consciousness raising techniques to support survivors in creating new meaning every time they share their stories
  • Approaching their work through an equity and intersectional lens to make sure everyone sees themselves represented and feels included
  • Storytelling as a way of making social change and building connection/validation
  • Being selected as a Coralus Venture, and building relationships in the community
  • What’s next for She’s a Crowd

We invite you to join us as an Activator.

Take action and engage with She’s a Crowd:

Connect with Gabrielle Martinovich on LinkedIn.

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