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Pathways to a Career in Renewable Energy with Leah Robson of Your Energy Your Way

“People just don’t see this as a job that they can do, because they don’t see many other women out there doing it. It can be quite a lonely path and people needed to come into this as a group.”

Leah Robson, Your Energy Your Way

In this episode

Meet Leah Robson of Coralus Venture Your Energy Your Way! Leah joins Activator Hannah Senior to talk about her background in IT, what led to a career transition into the energy industry, and 4 barriers women face when trying to break into the field.

They also discuss:

  • Your Energy Your Way’s role as a social enterprise to bring women into the construction sector
  • How joining the industry as a group allows women to support each other and feel less alone
  • The challenge as an entrepreneur to find a balance of fixing all the social problems we see
  • Stories of impact from previous projects
  • Working with people who are values aligned
  • Being selected as a Venture and joining the Coralus community

We invite you to join us as an Activator.

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