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#PlasticFreeJuly: Innovations Tackling the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis

At the rate of our current consumption, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean (Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

Plastic Free July is a global movement that seeks to reduce plastic pollution by encouraging us all to refuse single-use plastics and make more sustainable choices. Read on to learn more about some innovative companies that are tackling the global plastic pollution crisis – all funded, selected and supported by SheEO Activators around the world.

Since opening the doors to its store in June 2018, Vancouver’s first package-free grocery store NADA has diverted more than 529,800 plastic containers and 16,800 cups from the landfill. And, with support from Activator Lorilee Jarosinski, they just launched their online store to make zero-waste shopping easier than ever before!


@nadagrocery | photo by @maxinebullochphotography

As reported by Fast Company, ~165 billion packages are shipped every year in the US alone. Better Packaging Co. is a New Zealand company on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by e-commerce through their range of home-compostable, biodegradable packaging. 


@betterpackagingco | photo by @bibliophilesau

Goodbye, plastic wrap – Abeego is the original beeswax food wrap that picks up where the peel leaves off, keeping your food fresher for longer. Avocados wrapped in Abeego can stay green for four days, lemons can stay fresh for up to 10 days, the list goes on.



LOLIWARE has created The Straw of the Future the world’s first edible, hypercompostible straw made out of a seaweed-based material. LOLIWARE’s mission is to make single-use plastic obsolete and is currently on track to replace billions of plastic straws!



BeauTex Designs turns waste – think plastic water bottles and fishing nets – into durable, stylish workwear. Their line of clothing, shoes and bags are designed for the hairdressing, hospitality, health and construction/mining industries – with plans to expand.



Move aside, plastic tupperware! Dalcini Stainless’ stainless steel containers provide a safe, simple and sustainable solution for food storage.



Founded by Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang who first met in high school where they ran the Recycling Club (!), Novoloop has invented a way to chemically transform unrecyclable plastics into virgin-quality chemicals. These chemicals will be used to make shoes, consumer electronics and apparel – creating a circular economy and displacing our consumption of petroleum.


novoloop.com | photo by Jennifer Leahy

When we think of plastic pollution, our minds often go first to consumer waste. But what about industrial waste? Envorinex reprocesses industrial waste into second life products. Envorinex currently recycles 50% of Tasmania’s industrial waste and thanks to the support of SheEO Activators, will soon be expanding to Queensland.



Kick period plastic to the curb with Aisle’s comfy cloth pads and magical, leak-free period undies. Just rinse, throw them in the laundry and re-use with your next cycle for as many as 10 years! 


@periodaisle | photo by @putacupinit

Another plastic-free period option is a menstrual cup. Designed and made in New Zealand, the Hello Cup has a line of fully recyclable, reusable and super comfortable menstrual cups. It can hold 3x as much as a tampon and comes in bright colours! 



Routine’s all-natural deodorants are made with clean, wholesome ingredients that are packaged in refillable glass jars! Re-up your favourite scent at one of their 30 refill stations across Canada. 



World’s Biggest Garage Sale activates dormant goods to commercialise the circular economy. And they just launched an e-commerce store to make sustainable shopping more accessible for all.



Backcountry Wok pouches are made with a paper exterior and corn-based interior, are heat-resistant, and are certified for home and industrial composting in approximately 450 days. In 2020, they diverted 10,000 plastic bags with their compostable alternative! Backcountry Wok also gives a portion of profits from each bag to fund outdoor education and sustainability workshops for youth.



It’s time for plastic-free shaving. Lisse Shave is helping customers to ditch the plastic, so all their razor handles have a stainless steel handle and a zinc alloy head with matte rose gold colour plating—intended to last for years. Lisse also stresses that they want their customers to buy less, not more. Even if a customer drops and breaks their razor, the company will work to replace the necessary part instead of buying a whole new razor again.



AWWA’s washable period absorbent underwear means less waste for the world, and less expense for consumers! They’re is preventing over 560,000 single-use period products from ending up in our landfills or oceans every single month.


The Tare Shop is a package-free coffee shop and bulk store—and the first package-free store in Halifax. To the team at The Tare Shop, package-free living means taking action to reduce personal waste, reusing and repurposing what we already have, and striving to live with less single-use plastic. The shop provides long-term alternatives to single-use plastic items in order to help their customers help the world!



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