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Regenerating the Local Ecology with Bretton Hills of Ondine Oceanfarm

“Ocean health is critical to human health in the long run, and one of the best ways that we can regenerate the local ecology in this area is through regenerative ocean farming.”

Bretton Hills, Ondine Oceanfarm

In this episode

Meet Bretton Hills of Coralus Venture Ondine Oceanfarm! Bretton joins Activator Jessica Lax to talk about regenerative ocean farming, her love for creative problem solving that led her to the industry, and collaborating with Coralus Ventures Nada and Skipper Otto.

They also discuss:

  • Creating assets that support community growth
  • Bretton’s plan to build a community harvest centre
  • Eutrophication, the over abundance of nutrients ending up in the water
  • Creating a new way of being by interfacing the wild space with culture
  • Building a team that values autonomy and celebrates each other’s strengths
  • How the farm prioritizes symbiotic relationships between different species
  • Her #ASK for the Coralus community

We invite you to join us as an Activator.

Take action and engage with Ondine Oceanfarm:

Connect with Jessica Lax on LinkedIn and learn more about The Ember Circle.

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