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Selling & Scheming

“Would you risk your influence? Would you risk your power? Would you step out and say something bold? Because that is more risky than giving away half a million.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute

Overview of podcast

A lot of time is spent focusing on how to convince capital allocators to move money into the field of gender lens investing. Could that time and energy be better spent reinventing the financial system instead of seeking acceptance into a system designed to keep us out? Is the amount of money moved even the right way to measure success? 

In this week’s episode, SheEO’s Vicki Saunders and Criterion Institute’s Joy Anderson discuss the difference between selling an idea to someone with money and scheming with individuals who are willing to use their power and influence to challenge the status quo.

In this episode

Vicki and Joy also examine:

  • How language dictates what’s going to happen.
  • Comparing what we ask people to do vs what we measure our success by.
  • The significance of the freedom to use your money.
  • Using real power by shifting through influence and scheming.
  • The nervousness around words that have to do with an exercise of power.
  • The need to do things in community by grounding in our relationships and be willing to risk influence.
  • The cost of not doing this work.

Take action & engage:

Learn more about power and systems from the Criterion Institute at www.criterioninstitute.org

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