Where is our capital going? With Suzanne Biegel – UK Activator

“We must. It’s not an option. We must be looking at where our capital is going if we really believe in the things that we say that we believe in.” – Suzanne Biegel, Founder of Catalyst at Large, Co-Founder of GenderSmart Investing, and SheEO Activator In this episode How do we make sure capital is […]

It takes a village to raise a mind with HigherEdPoints.com

“People have a great idea, but they don’t have experience in the industry. So number one, find somebody who’s worked in that industry for a long time because you could leapfrog a whole bunch of things that you don’t know by having the inside scoop.” – Suzanne Tyson, Founder and CEO of Higher Ed Points […]

Mindset Monday: Time for Collective Courage

Written by MJ Ryan, SheEO Development Guide Maybe it’s because I live in a fire zone in the US, but right now times feel very perilous. Between Covid, fires, and the political chaos we are in which seems to about to get worse, it seems like a scary time to be alive. So when I […]

I don’t have $50K in revenue yet – how do I get support for my Venture?

“To all the creators, innovators + game changers; as an entrepreneur – I recommend becoming an Activator first. You’ll immediately join the SheEO community, start building relationships + get the support you need to grow your Venture.” – Hannah Cree, SheEO Venture in Residence + Activator In this episode You ask a question and we […]

Fearless Compassion with Helen Black of workRestart

“Fearless compassion to be able to say, am I willing to give an incarcerated person a second chance? Am I willing to understand that they may stumble a bit, but that’s just what we do as Humans. What can I do to support them on their journey forward?” – Helen Black, CEO at workRestart In […]

Mindset Monday: Let’s be Kind, Not Nice

Written by MJ Ryan, SheEO Development Guide When the white women of SheEO did the Race2Dinner conversation with Regina Jackson and Saira Rao (https://race2dinner.com/) about white women’s role in upholding white supremacy, one of the insights most of us came away with was seeing our desire to be “nice” as one of the key ways […]

Mindset Monday: Yes, Too Much Positivity Can be Toxic

2020 Global Summit EventBrite

When I hit 40, I changed my life. It was a convergence of a number of painful circumstances that forced me into it, but mostly I was tired of being miserable. I started to study happy people and began to practice the qualities I saw in them: optimism, generosity, gratitude, patience, kindness. I got happier—and […]

Why Sisu Global received the Patent for Humanity Recognition

Quote from Podcast “Mentorship is why we’ve been able to accomplish as much. Loren, my SheEO mentor, brings a new perspective and shifting up that insight and thought process is really important in my personal entrepreneurial journey.” – Carolyn Yarina, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Sisu Global Health, SheEO Venture In this episode Imagine […]

The Impact of SheEO Business Coaching

Despite coaches being game-changers for many entrepreneurs, most women don’t engage one- often because we put ourselves last. We know that women entrepreneurs face different challenges than their male counterparts when it comes to accessing financing and business networks. In addition to these, there are other challenges unique to women entrepreneurs. Coaching is the third […]