Moving at the Speed of Trust with Zoë Condliffe of She’s A Crowd

“The of culture of silence and shame around sexual violence is what keeps us separated, and what keeps us from activating for a movement.” — Zoë Condliffe, She’s a Crowd In this episode Meet Zoë Condliffe of Coralus Venture She’s a Crowd! Zoë joins Activator Gabrielle Martinovich to talk about how She’s a Crowd came […]

Podcast: 2022 Year in Review

“One of the big themes is this idea of moving from individual to community. How in times like this, do we turn to each other? Do we work together? And do we create a stronger ecosystem together by supporting one another?” — Nat Geffen, Community Experience Manager at Coralus In this episode In this episode, […]

Disrupting the Kelp Farming Industry with Jo Lane of Sea Health Products

“Kelp forests are declining because of increased temperatures, and kelp forests are just like rainforests on land — they support an incredible amount of biodiversity. If kelp forests are in trouble then that has roll-on impacts for the rest of the food chain.” — Jo Lane, Sea Health Products In this episode Meet Jo Lane […]

Circularity as a Sustainable Business Model with Danielle Ruttenberg of Remark Glass

“The notions of being a responsible business owner has taken the forefront of our entrepreneurship journey. We’re a holistic company and we’re trying to look at circularity as as a sustainable business model.” — Danielle Ruttenberg, Remark Glass In this episode Danielle Ruttenberg of Coralus Venture Remark Glass joins Danielle Cadhit, Activator and Director of […]

Empowering Change through Coffee Fruit with Vanessa Murillo of I Am Grounded

“This actually has a lot of potential to be a social enterprise that is for the planet, for people, but also is a delicious product and actually can provide a functional benefit for the consumer.” — Vanessa Murillo, I Am Grounded In this episode Vanessa Murillo of Coralus Venture I Am Grounded joins Activator Connie […]

Building Tech to Eliminate Single-Use Packaging with Nada Piatek of Again Again

“400 million tonne of plastic waste is produced around the world each year. A third of it is single-use packaging, and single-use packaging makes up half of all ocean litter.” — Nada Piatek, Again Again In this episode Nada Piatek of Coralus Venture Again Again joins Activator Evie Ashton to talk about how they got […]

Venture Update with Aki Kaltenbach of Save da Sea

“Plant based meat makes up 1% of total meat sales. Plant based seafood makes up 1% of plant based meat, and they’re predicting that plant based seafood will grow to be $1.3 billion within the decade.” — Aki Kaltenbach, Save da Sea In this episode Catch up with Aki Kaltenbach of Coralus Venture Save da […]

SheEO to Coralus: What’s Next?

“There are hundreds of people and now thousands of people who created the conditions for all of this to work. What I hadn’t done was receive that memo. Nothing we are doing here is about one person alone. It’s about all of us together.” — Vicki Saunders, Founding Activator at Coralus In this episode This […]