Sharing Māori Medicinal Values with Reni Wereta-Gargiulo of Atutahi

“I’ve nearly sold out of cans, orders have been flying in. Lots and lots of people coming into the shop and congratulating us. We’ve had a lot of inquiries. Literally, I’ve been refilling stock 24/7.” — Reni Wereta-Gargiulo, founder of Atutahi In this episode Meet new SheEO Venture Atutahi! Founder Reni Wereta-Gargiulo joins Vicki Saunders […]

Connection to Country with Leanne Sanders of Visual Dreaming

“I’ve heard so many no’s. So many no’s, because it’s not the normal business model and evidence of best practice is a really big thing when it comes to funding and stuff. And for me, it’s like, well I’m working with elders and I have over 60,000 years of cultural knowledge, we know what’s best […]

Decentralizing the Food System with Lisa Booth of Kete Kai

“Centralizing the food system was the largest social experiment that we don’t talk about how much it’s failed. So I constantly think about, it’s not our job — even from Kete Kai’s perspective — it’s not our job to go into community and say, ‘This is what you should do.’ But it’s our job to […]

How Can we Strengthen Our Connections to One Another?

Written by MJ Ryan, SheEO Development Guide Last month, I wrote about umbuntu, the idea that we exist in connection to one another and that if we truly adopted that mindset, we would make very different choices in the ways we live and come up with very different solutions to social ills. I’ve continued to […]

Mindset Monday: First Aid for your Body/Mind/Spirit

“Anxious.” “Exhausted.” “Sad.” “Depressed.” “Overwhelmed.” These are the feelings I am hearing about over and over as I talk to clients and friends. One thread that seems to be binding us right now is that we are collectively experiencing a journey into the unknown. So much of what we’ve counted on being true in the […]