Empowering Change through Coffee Fruit with Vanessa Murillo of I Am Grounded

“This actually has a lot of potential to be a social enterprise that is for the planet, for people, but also is a delicious product and actually can provide a functional benefit for the consumer.” — Vanessa Murillo, I Am Grounded In this episode Vanessa Murillo of Coralus Venture I Am Grounded joins Activator Connie […]

Building Tech to Eliminate Single-Use Packaging with Nada Piatek of Again Again

“400 million tonne of plastic waste is produced around the world each year. A third of it is single-use packaging, and single-use packaging makes up half of all ocean litter.” — Nada Piatek, Again Again In this episode Nada Piatek of Coralus Venture Again Again joins Activator Evie Ashton to talk about how they got […]

SheEO to Coralus: What’s Next?

“There are hundreds of people and now thousands of people who created the conditions for all of this to work. What I hadn’t done was receive that memo. Nothing we are doing here is about one person alone. It’s about all of us together.” — Vicki Saunders, Founding Activator at Coralus In this episode This […]