Sharing Māori Medicinal Values with Reni Wereta-Gargiulo of Atutahi

“I’ve nearly sold out of cans, orders have been flying in. Lots and lots of people coming into the shop and congratulating us. We’ve had a lot of inquiries. Literally, I’ve been refilling stock 24/7.” — Reni Wereta-Gargiulo, founder of Atutahi In this episode Meet new SheEO Venture Atutahi! Founder Reni Wereta-Gargiulo joins Vicki Saunders […]

Connection to Country with Leanne Sanders of Visual Dreaming

“I’ve heard so many no’s. So many no’s, because it’s not the normal business model and evidence of best practice is a really big thing when it comes to funding and stuff. And for me, it’s like, well I’m working with elders and I have over 60,000 years of cultural knowledge, we know what’s best […]