Supporting Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour Entrepreneurs

new ventures at 2020 Global Summit

In this year of racial reckoning, people are waking up to the fact that our systems and structures are biased. The deck is stacked against so many of us – and especially against Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour. Women make up 51% of the population yet receive less than 3% of venture capital funding […]

Designing to close the gap

YWCA Toronto's 40th Women of Distinction Awards Gala: Vicki Saunders

NOTE: This article has been repurposed from a speech Vicki Saunders gave during the Gender Smart Investing Summit. A few years ago I started SheEO to radically transform how we support, finance, and celebrate female entrepreneurs. Many people were deeply perplexed by our model, especially those in the finance world. A 0% interest loan? How […]

The Impact of SheEO Business Coaching

Despite coaches being game-changers for many entrepreneurs, most women don’t engage one- often because we put ourselves last. We know that women entrepreneurs face different challenges than their male counterparts when it comes to accessing financing and business networks. In addition to these, there are other challenges unique to women entrepreneurs. Coaching is the third […]

Creating a Culture of Diversity: The Journey Moving Beyond Intention to Action

True confession: The very first moment SheEO launched, I watched as people signed up and uploaded their pictures. Almost everyone looked like me, a blond(ish), white woman. (Poor) optics aside, this glaring lack of diversity begged another question, one that we have and always will, ask: do we draw in people who look like us […]