Elevating Communities through Energy Optimization with SaLisa Berrien of COI Energy

“There’s enough for all of us. There’s truly enough. You know, why waste all the energy we’re wasting when we can actually repurpose it for good?” SaLisa Berrien, Founder of COI Energy In this episode Join SaLisa Berrien, Founder of SheEO Venture COI Energy, and Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO, as they discuss COI’s innovative technology […]

Impactful Problem Solving with Shazia Khan of EcoEnergy

“We sat down to solve this problem in the same way that you sit down to solve any problem. And even though it’s a big problem, it’s not unsolvable. Why not place our time and effort and our brainpower on something really important? How do we provide people with something life-changing and impactful?” – Shazia […]