A Modular Solution to Energy Poverty with Connie Stacey of Growing Greener Innovations

Growing Greener Innovations, Connie Stacey (She/her)

“A number of studies have shown that access to energy and economic growth are perfectly correlated. You literally cannot end poverty unless you also end energy poverty.” Connie Stacey, Founder + President of Growing Greener Innovations In this episode Join Connie Stacey of SheEO Venture Growing Greener Innovations, and SheEO Venture-In-Residence Hannah Cree, as they chat […]

Decolonization with Ecko Aleck, Global Indigenous Lead

“To listen, to feel—is to Indigenize. The shattering of systems, which is what we’re in right now. It’s very uncertain. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary, but we know it needs to happen. This creates space for the Natural Ways of Knowing to rise.” Ecko Aleck, Global Indigenous Lead In this episode This special episode of the […]

Getting Capital to Women On Their Own Terms with Arielle Loren Palmer of 100k Incubator

100K Incubator, Arielle Loren Palmer (she/her)

“What does it look like to build an organization that has a more matriarchal structure? What does it look like for us to have more transparent conversations with each other about building a company, working together, salaries, compensation, all of these things?” Arielle Loren Palmer, founder of 100k Incubator In this episode Join Arielle Loren […]

Les entreprises canadiennes!

Hi everyone,  Now that the retreat is wrapped and you’ve all met, it’s time to introduce you to the Community tomorrow, 1 March! I just want to make sure you have the details in one place for Monday’s UK Venture Announcement where you’ll have an opportunity to share your Venture with the UK Activators that […]

Meet the NEW Canadian Ventures!

Welcome IN to the new Canadian Cohort! We couldn’t be more excited to announce the newest + biggest Canadian cohort of women-led + owned Ventures, selected by our radically generous Activators, as we work on the World’s To-Do List, together.  Follow, engage + join the weekly Activator calls to get to know how you can […]

I don’t have $50K in revenue yet – how do I get support for my Venture?

“To all the creators, innovators + game changers; as an entrepreneur – I recommend becoming an Activator first. You’ll immediately join the SheEO community, start building relationships + get the support you need to grow your Venture.” – Hannah Cree, SheEO Venture in Residence + Activator In this episode You ask a question and we […]

Rules & Money Part 2

“People who haven’t historically had access to the system deserve access to the system and it’s screwed up that they don’t have it. That’s wrong, but it’s access to a system that doesn’t work. Because at some level, it is work and it is cost. It takes cost to actually change the system.” – Joy […]

Designing to close the gap

YWCA Toronto's 40th Women of Distinction Awards Gala: Vicki Saunders

NOTE: This article has been repurposed from a speech Vicki Saunders gave during the Gender Smart Investing Summit. A few years ago I started SheEO to radically transform how we support, finance, and celebrate female entrepreneurs. Many people were deeply perplexed by our model, especially those in the finance world. A 0% interest loan? How […]