Racial and Social Justice: Next Steps with Lutze Segu

Lutze Segu

“Strategic planning can no longer just be about dollars and cents. If you’re not thinking about how antiracism is part of your strategic planning, if you’re not thinking about how psychological safety can also be part of your strategic planning, you’re just not going to be the right fit for this world.” Lutze Segu, Social […]

Supporting Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour Entrepreneurs

new ventures at 2020 Global Summit

In this year of racial reckoning, people are waking up to the fact that our systems and structures are biased. The deck is stacked against so many of us – and especially against Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour. Women make up 51% of the population yet receive less than 3% of venture capital funding […]

Mindset Monday: “A PR Statement isn’t Enough”

By MJ Ryan, Featuring Steph Speirs, Co-Founder of SheEO Venture Solstice From MJ Ryan: SheEO is dedicated to supporting new mindsets and new models to create a better world. Today, as we collectively face the pain and shame of racial injustice around the world, I wanted to highlight and amplify the actions of Solstice, a […]