What does it mean to be ‘Radically Generous’ + ‘On Your Own Terms’?

“When you show up, as your whole self and you’re like I’m here to give and I’m here to ask. Both kind of in circular motion with each other, there are magical things that can happen.” —Hannah Cree, SheEO Venture in Residence In this episode You ask a question and we answer it! Join us […]

Women in Tech: A Global Problem with Ally Watson of Code Like a Girl

“I was honestly sick of women volunteering their time for this problem. It’s not their problem. It’s the world’s problem. It’s everybody’s problem.” – Ally Watson, CEO & Founder of Code Like a Girl In this episode The technology we build today determines the world we live in tomorrow. But if that world is being […]

Racial Justice with Lutze Segu

Lutze Segu

“First we have to really think about what’s possible. Because the resistance revolution change starts in the imagination.” – Lutze B. Segu, MSW, Doctoral Student in The Institute for Gender, Race Sexuality and Social Justice at The University of British Columbia In this episode Join Lutze Segu and Vicki Saunders to chat about Lutze’s work […]