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The Apocalypse of Local Media with The Discourse

“There’s a huge apocalypse happening in this space right now in the Canadian local news sphere. We’re solving for that problem because we know having access to that local news is really important. So it just feels more relevant than ever to be working on this problem of coming up with what is a replicable and sustainable model for providing that local news that these communities deserve.” – Erin Millar, Co-founder and CEO of Indiegraf Media and The Discourse.

Overview of podcast

The ownership of media has a significant impact on local businesses. So how can journalism make a difference in the world that has a positive impact on the communities they serve? With a community-powered local journalism platform and digital local news publisher that provides in-depth journalism to communities that don’t have access to other local news.

In this episode

Join Vicki Saunders in today’s episode where she chats with Erin Millar, Co-founder and CEO of Indiegraf Media and The Discourse.

The Discourse provides community-powered journalism to underserved communities and Indiegraf Media is a network of indie news entrepreneurs who get access to tech, growth and revenue support so journalists can focus on what’s most important, serving their community.

Vicki and Erin dive deep into the Canadian media landscape along with insights into:

  • How local news is failing due to the collapse of the advertising and print business models.
  • Why having access to in-depth local news is important to the health of our democracy.
  • The value of how the community will support the journalism that the community needs.
  • Innovation on financing for digital media.
  • Diversification needed in the media; currently run by white men and that impact on white women & POC.
  • The lack of media representing huge populations of our country.
  • Why system entrepreneurs need to articulate their purpose.
  • The launch of the Save Small Business advocacy campaign. https://savesmallbusiness.ca/
  • How COVID changes the existing systems in media.

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