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The Challenges of Home Care during COVID & Beyond with Chenny Xia of Gotcare

“What can we implement to support community like models of caring? How can we introduce safeguards to definitely keep people safe, but still provide enough flexibility for the community to essentially take care of itself?” – Chenny Xia, Co-founder of Gotcare

Overview of podcast

How do we care for one another? 

The healthcare world can be complex, especially for home care workers and the people that need care including their families. In today’s modern world, this complexity can be streamlined with the support of technology and the people in the community. 

Meet Chenny Xia, Co-founder of Gotcare, a platform to provide a personalized home care experience for Canadians, empowering them to select their care worker and determine the care schedule, modernizing the way home care is delivered.

In this episode

In today’s episode, Vicki Saunders chats with Chenny Xia of Gotcare about:

  • How people show up in the relationship to how they care and their impact.
  • The value of empathy in caring.
  • Unintended consequences for home care because of COVID.
  • Why stabilizing the workforce can stabilize home care.
  • Gotcare’s mission to make home care a viable career for frontline workers and find operational efficiencies.
  • Reducing the cost of care and stress on clients and their families.
  • How reorganizing capital and using resources creatively can fund and support the healthcare system.
  • The awareness needed for Canadians about the healthcare system including planning for aging.

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