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The state of birth control with Pandia Health

If someone else knows how to do it, teach me. You teach me and I will give you back whatever I can. Knowing that you’re not alone, reaching out, asking for help. Never be afraid to ask for help because if you don’t ask, you don’t get. And the worse that could happen is someone could say no. But if you didn’t ask, you’re never going to get.” Sophia Yen MD, CEO and Co-founder of Pandia Health   

Overview of podcast

The weight of pill anxiety that women suffer through, every month for 40 years of their lives, is a sign that shouldn’t be overlooked. So why are there barriers for women to access this important type of health care? Pandia Health is a women-founded, women doctor-led, end to end solution for birth control. CEO and Co-founder, Sophia Yen MD, chats with Vicki Saunders about the significance of being birth control expert physicians and the value of having a cohort to ask for help when building a business.

In this episode

  • How birth control is difficult to access, but can be easier through delivery.
  • The importance of confidentiality when disclosing information via questionnaire.
  • The understanding of advocacy for patients, not only on the policy level.
  • The funding challenges that come with being a woman.
  • The future of birth control including personalization to improve women’s lives.

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