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Two SheEO Ventures just closed funding rounds, led by SheEO Activators!

In New Zealand, Beany just closed a $1.5M round of funding. Beany’s founder Sue De Bievre described the support of the SheEO Community as a “game-changer” for closing funding. Sue spent a year working in raising funding for her business prior to being selected by SheEO and in her own words, “it was very hard” and she didn’t get any bites. “The support of the Activators, in particular, Theresa Gattung and Kirsty Reynolds, gave us, and the market, the confidence to successfully complete the round,” Sue said.

Theresa Gattung, Activator and SheEO New Zealand Country Lead, shared why she chose to invest in Beany:

“I’m backing Sue to scale up her business which will support this generation of female entrepreneurs! I’m excited that SheEO is expanding in NZ to provide a pathway to capital for Female Founders doing things their way!”

Meanwhile, in Canada, Ananda raised $1.2M in their second round of VC funding.

“I am very grateful for all SheEO Activators. The support of the activators was essential to help us navigate the VC world and to close our second round of investment,” Margaret Magdesian, Ananda CEO and Founder, shared.

“I was especially inspired by the leadership, transparency and generosity of the SheEO angels Monique, Michelle, Brenda and Bella who also became investors in our company, helping us to accelerate the development of medication for people with neurological disorders. Thank you.”


SheEO Activator Monique Gravel describes closing Ananda’s financing as “challenging but exhilarating.”

“Margaret carried the day by never dropping the ball in running and building the business, while the investors established their respective requirements for the financing,” Monique adds. “All the asks were met, and the business is now not only on a sound footing financially but also in its corporate structure and internal leadership team.”

Thanks to the support and financing from SheEO Activators, both businesses are now poised for further growth and success! That’s the power of a community of radically generous women.

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