Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

Meet the FIRST UK SheEO Ventures!

Welcome IN to the UK Cohort!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the FIRST UK women-led + owned Ventures, selected by our radically generous Activators, as we work on the World’s To-Do List, together.  Follow, engage + join the weekly Activator calls to get to know how you can support these Ventures. 

Online clothing care products and repair and alteration services to help people care for their wardrobe and reduce fashion pollution and waste

(SDG Targets 12.5 & 14.1) .

We support people from all backgrounds to explore and succeed in healthcare & life-science careers

(SDG Targets #4.3 &4.5)

Catering social enterprise providing work experience and access to housing deposit grants for Londoners living in temporary accommodations

(SDG Targets 8.5 & 10.2)

Radically transforming how people use technology to enable the design of safer, more inclusive digital and physical spaces.

(SDG Target # 5.2).

Wearable mobile phone/tracker and services that facilitate living independently, safely and healthy ageing

(SDG Target 10.2)

The UK Semi-Finalists

Every SheEO Semi-finalists is gifted into the SheEO community by our Activators for the year, so they can experience the power of radical generosity, create relationships + get the support they need. Click on their picture to visit their websites.

We are a global campaign and solutions organisation with a single goal; to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap.

We empower children aged 8 to 18 to become tech creators through creative coding education.

We tackle the single-use plastic items most found in our natural environment, by developing simple and fun behaviour change campaigns and championing reuse over single-use.

We are a sustainable body care brand designed to expand the eco-mindset in the bathroom through our range of bathroom products packaged in aluminium cans.

Love Welcomes creates jobs for women who are refugees by reconstructing life vests from refugee journeys into handmade homegoods for sale, ultimately transforming lives.

We are the first and only regulated service in the UK which enables separating couples to access impartial legal advice together from one lawyer.

We match companies and their employees with unique, innovative skilled volunteering projects at non-profits and impact startups.

District Eating is a consultancy and developer of low carbon greenhouses that use waste heat and CO2 to grow local sustainable food and create jobs.

Thank you to everyone who applied!

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