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Venture Update with Alisha McFetridge of RainStick Shower

“We actually found out that RainStick won Best of Innovation in the Smart Home category for the show. So it is incredibly exciting for us. We’re going to be there, we’ve been working on our trade show, we’re getting ready for all that entails. But you know from that and the pre-orders, it has been absolutely wild.”

— Alisha McFetridge, Co-Founder and CEO of RainStick Shower

In this episode

Catch up with SheEO Venture RainStick Shower! Co-Founder Alisha McFetridge talks about what’s been happening with the company, including: the launch of pre-orders and exciting news from the Consumer Electronics Show. She also discusses reducing our water usage and how RainStick’s circular shower system saves up to 80% energy and water while providing almost 2X the flow rate.

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Podcast Transcript:

The podcast is being transcribed by Otter.ai. (there may be errors, run-on sentences and misspellings).

We actually found out that RainStick won Best of Innovation in the Smart Home category for the CES or the Consumer Electronics Show. So it is incredibly exciting for us. We’re going to be there, we’ve been working on our trade show, we’re getting ready for all that it entails.

Welcome in to the SheEO.World podcast. Today’s episode is a quick update from a SheEO Venture as they continue their work on the World’s To-Do List.

We’re here with Alisha from RainStick. Let’s just start off with, what do you do at RainStick?

Yeah, totally well, very excited to be here as well. I founded RainStick a few years ago to solve the problem of water and energy waste in the home. So I’m originally from Canada’s only desert, yes, Canada does have a desert. And that is the Okanagan region. And so growing up water conservation was something that I thought about. I mean, we’re seeing a lot of water challenges. Now the the Okanagan Lake, which is there, there is a lake, but it only turns over every 55 years. And Kelowna is also one of the fastest growing populations in Canada. And so growing up, it’s something I always thought about, I wanted to do more, I spent some time working overseas, some time in, you know, working for tech companies. But really, I found there’s so much that we can be doing right here in North America with our water and energy waste. And so that’s really kind of how RainStick started. In North America, we use 350 liters of water per person per day. And so my vision is that we only use 50 liters of water. 50% of our water use happens in the bathroom. So that’s how we started with a shower. So what RainStick does, it is a high flow shower system that saves 80% water and up to 80% energy. And we’re able to do that while also almost doubling the flow compared to a low flow option out there. And so a regular traditional showers around, you know, two gallons per minute. RainStick is actually almost three gallons per minute. And so we’re very proud of the fact of that. And the way that RainStick works is, instead of going right down the drain as a normal shower does, we actually capture that water, we circulate it in the system for the duration of the shower. And we cleanse it in real time using a high intensity UV LED. So as a result, we’re using that same drop of water about six times before it goes down the drain. And at any time someone can turn on the traditional shower mode in which RainStick reverts back to a traditional shower. We only use that job once but it goes down to a low flow option. So we do have those two options for the shower. And we’re yeah, very excited with all that is to come.

When I saw RainStick the first time, Tania on our team showed, like, I have a friend who has this company and I was like, Oh my gosh, just this shower is so sleek. Like, it’s so beautifully designed, and I’m excited to get one, you know, in the future.

We will make sure we hold one, yes.

Exactly. And yeah, like I love taking long showers and have felt guilty sometimes, especially since we waste so much water in this way. So thank you.

Literally, yeah, it’s it’s it’s crazy when you start thinking about the amount of water that is used. But also I feel like the only solution to folks has been, you know, reducing the flow. We’re just saying, you know, just have a shorter shower. And then you’ll be fine. But showering is not just about showering. I think, you know, when you start talking to folks, it’s really about an opportunity to de stress relax. And and so when you start thinking about all the other reasons why people do take showers, that’s really prompted us to say, OK, we need to come up with a solution that doesn’t make people compromise on the experience. But also we have save a lot of watered and a lot of energy with some of the challenges that our world is facing.

Exactly. Yeah. And I yeah, I love that, that you’ve been able to do this. And like I said, I’ll reiterate in a beautifully designed way. It will look great in anyone’s home

Thank you. Yeah.

So I know it’s been a huge year for you. And so this is your first year in as a SheEO venture, how was that experience and like how was the community been for you?

Yeah, so that’s a really good question. So I started out like last summer. I didn’t know what SheEO was. I just heard it people have had spoken about it. And you know I had a friend Tania who worked with SheEO, and so that was kind of my first eye opening experience to what the community was she actually invited me to a session. And so it was a, I think it was a Canadian community call. And so I ended up checking that out and, you know, met some really awesome folks on the call and thought, You know what, like, it seems like such a cool community, but I would never get selected. And so you know, kind of that self doubt crept in. But I still decided, after going on a couple more calls and talking to the SheEO team, I remember, Hannah was one of the people that was talking to, you know, people that might be interested in applying and said, you know, it just apply, and don’t apply like a regular session, you need to, you know, really apply, you know, with your heart and be honest and be authentic about the experience. And so, you know, I finally, I think waited to like the last day and applied then, you know, but but since then it’s been such an incredible community of people that come together and support each other. I mean, even for me, I found a really great community through some of the Ventures. And so, you know, we meet every couple of months, and with a group of consumer based Ventures, and that’s been fantastic. And then, you know, I think also being able to connect with some of the people and even from us, we went through a raise, so RainStick, went through a raise earlier in the year, and it was through some of the conversations that we’ve had with SheEO that helped us, you know, connect with some of the right folks. So, you know, I think it’s been a big year for us. SheEO has definitely been with us on this journey, we actually just launched our pre orders for RainStick. So that happened last month. So it’s been a whirlwind, you know, as soon as we press that button, but a lot of really exciting things have happened, you know, since that time when we really joined the community.

That’s amazing. And what’s happened since you’ve launched so like people have heard about it, they’ve been joining the waitlist. Yeah, like what’s next, like what now that things are launched.

So we launched RainStick, we got connected with some really awesome folks who are helping us go into 2022. So RainSticks will be delivered, mid 2022. We did, we received a note through the Consumer Electronics Show. So we will be going to be participating in some trade shows. The CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest, we thought you know what, we better be at this one, this is a really good one for RainStick. Typically a couple 100,000 people make it out to the event. Pre-COVID, it was in Las Vegas, this is the first year where they’re doing a hybrid event. And we actually found out that RainStick won Best of Innovation in the Smart Home category for the show. So it is incredibly exciting for us, we’re going to be there with them working on our trade show are getting ready for all that it entails. But you know, from that, and the pre orders, it has been absolutely wild with, you know, trying to figure out our focus over the next couple of months. So very exciting things that we’re getting into market with RainStick are meeting a lot of really interesting contractors, interior designers, plumbers, you know, individuals who want to do better and, you know, are interested in specking in smart home technologies that really make a difference. So lots is happening here. You know, lots of challenges as well, I would say we’re looking to hire a business development manager. So if anyone knows of someone that you can recommend to us that we should have conversation with, I would love to have that conversation. One of the challenges I think for me too, is administratively there’s a lot going on. And if anyone knows anyone in that area that that does, maybe VA virtual assistants we’ll be very interested in again, having a conversation about that. But really, the opportunity now is if you know someone that may be going through a bathroom renovation or new builds over the next, you know, six to 12 months that might have an interest in adding a RainStick we’d love to chat.

Thank you for that. So we have, you’re hiring. So any connections there? Yep. And also virtual assistant, someone to help with the administrative side. And just to reiterate, the the people who are doing renovation, so this is you’re looking at individuals, but also contractors. I know before you mentioned even like hotels and those bigger things. So

Yes, we’re looking for the right opportunities for RainStick. And we do have a trade program. And so we’re interested in anyone that might be you know, specking this type of water technology into homes or you know, modular buildings that’s really interesting to us. But really people who want to make a difference they’re going through a project now is their time you know Maybe they’re moving into a new house, and they want to redo their bathroom. Or perhaps they’ve been planning this new build for a while and they want to, you know, move towards more of a netzero lifestyle. Very interested in, you know, seeing if RainStick could be a fit.

Thank you so much, Alicia. i Yeah, this was super insightful for me. And like, I’m excited for everything that you’ve been doing over the last year. And what’s next. Is there anything you want to do to end off? I know, you’ve already shared your Ask. Is there any parting words?

Yeah. So thanks. Thanks so much, Renee. I mean, you’ve been a huge part of the SheEO journey as well. You know, for anyone that doesn’t know, Renee is very much, you know, the face of SheEO for me, and, you know, going back and forth. With some of the different things this past year has been great, I would say, you know, to, to folks out there, I would say, I think sometimes we don’t always know what the solution or what we should do in the home or, you know, sometimes it can be really confusing to figure out how we can make a difference with our projects or with our lifestyle. And I think, you know, the first step is simply checking out some, you know, educational pieces, or, you know, seeing what you can do, or, you know, asking and talking about it to people, there’s actually a documentary, actually, there’s two documentaries I’ll leave with. And one of them is called The Water Crisis, National Geographics. It’s all about water technology and water challenges in the home, and, you know, some pretty cool folks that are really making a difference in that space. And then there’s another documentary, called, I believe it’s Brave Blue World. And it’s on Netflix, or it was on Netflix. And it just discusses what both you know, larger players are doing and what some, some more grassroots people are doing around the world as well as it relates to water. But you know, don’t I think, just don’t feel guilty. We can do a lot. And you know, the fact that you’re potentially interested in doing something is is the first step. So hopefully, I think there’s a lot we can do into 2022. And it’s a very exciting time.

Thank you so much, Alicia. And yeah, I love that one action, we can take just learn more, and we can do something about this. So thank you.

Thanks so much for having me.

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